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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dana Point Harbor

It was a bit over cast, but fun to visit the boats in the harbor and smell the ocean air. Living in the mountains we don't have the salty air feeling, even if we have a beach by the river.. Think of all the monies tied up in floating on the ocean. I wonder how many times they really see the open sea. I would want one of the big ships and a captain while I sat and watched the waves and fish...But that would last for just a little while, because I would rather be in my studio.
Fun to visit, walk and enjoy a calm day. Love the fluffy clouds.

And then there was lunch.. So many of the blogs show food, I thought I would also. Ralph and I shared this wonderful Fish and Chips. What else would you eat when sitting on the dock! All of it was excellent. The two of us could not even finish ... Wish I could have brought it home!
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