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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dana Point Harbor

It was a bit over cast, but fun to visit the boats in the harbor and smell the ocean air. Living in the mountains we don't have the salty air feeling, even if we have a beach by the river.. Think of all the monies tied up in floating on the ocean. I wonder how many times they really see the open sea. I would want one of the big ships and a captain while I sat and watched the waves and fish...But that would last for just a little while, because I would rather be in my studio.
Fun to visit, walk and enjoy a calm day. Love the fluffy clouds.

And then there was lunch.. So many of the blogs show food, I thought I would also. Ralph and I shared this wonderful Fish and Chips. What else would you eat when sitting on the dock! All of it was excellent. The two of us could not even finish ... Wish I could have brought it home!
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More Quilt Stores, Quilters Run

I love the use of furniture to make the vignettes. What a perfect piece for display
I love the red door, and flowering geraniums. One of the beauty's of So. Calif. is the beautiful flowers, bougainvilleas and green grass. Our area has all turn golden. Some say brown, but I will stick with a golden California.
I have one of these great display bikes.\Mine has cactus, time to put a flowering bouquet to spruce it up.
One of the stores had taken the patterns that were given out and made this lovely quilt. It only used 12 pattern blocks.. I will have to share this with our quilt store ladies that organize the run here in Central Ca. It would be such fun to make a charm bracelet with all the charms that were given out.. Was really tempted to drive back to So. Cal.. for this week-end.. but have the grand kids visiting.. maybe next year.. it is for two week-ends. My hubby volunteered to drive me from San Diego to Lancaster area.. there are big prizes and wonderful baskets of goodies that some lucky quilter will win.
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Surprise- Quilt Run

What a fun surprise when we went to visit a friend near Temecula, Ca. I wanted to have a quick visit at the Quilters Coop and the store was filled with ladies, A Quilt Run.. 38 stores. Oh, I wish I could have gone to all of them.. They gave out darling patterns, but the great part was the wonderful matching charm..
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fiber Landscape #3

I love making these little landscapes, Beading, yarn, hand dyed fabrics and batiks.. The hills take on a soft effect and the variation of color in the hand dyed fabrics look like hills and valleys. I was driving home after running some errands today, and the hills have a new purple wild flower.

With all the rain we had in May, we are getting a bumper crop of wild flowers.. I walked around checking out our fruit trees.. My beautiful dwarf peach is full of peaches, but one branch is broken under the strain of all the fruit.. not sure what to do, wish I could fix it. Last year we did not have one piece of fruit because of a late frost. This is year it is so abundant the branches are breaking.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Felt Balls, What do I want?

Aren't they wonderful, little felted balls. Could be strung for a necklace, bracelet or sewn to a quilt, Or I am sure you can think of something different to do with them. I was reading through my emails, between watering out in the hot sun, and visited the Daily Om.

Their question today struck me and made me stop to think.. " The first step in getting to what you want in life is knowing what you want".

Now, how simple is that? or is it? What is my direction?.. Usually I don't like to think too heavily, because it stops my flow for the day. And I sure don't want that.. We are faced with lots of decisions, but what do we want from life.. I don't have the answer.. I hear about the people that started out in life knowing their direction, having a calling. Is that good, can it be disruptive, some don't feel they have a choice. Is it a burden to bear? So I sort of float, enjoying my days, feeling blessed that I can do what I want at that moment.. I can work in my studio, pull weeds, when it is cooler, create my art, play with the animals, hug my cats, pet my dog, enjoy the blue sky's.. Love my hubby, love & hug our kids and grandkids, share with my friends...I am blessed, I have also paid my dues, don't think it has been all white picket fencing and the cute cottage, with abundant flowers.. But I sooooo appreciate the Now.. What more could I want? Now don't get me started on that question!
Enjoy your day, lots of blessings are there.
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tropical Breeze Kite, Sisters 7 art show

It takes a little thinking with putting the photos in order and I think I goofed, but here is my latest kite project. I wanted to show progress shots, have to rethink this in my head next time.

Tropical Breeze is the name of the Sisters 7, art showing at the Positive Living Centers, Mind Shop Book Store in Oakhurst, California

This was a fun project and a colorful addition to my kite series. Free motion machine stitching, beads, ribbons, fussy cut flowers, hand dyed and commercial fabrics.

We were in attendance at Art Hop, the second Saturday of the month and enjoyed chatting with everyone that stopped by. More photos later
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Tree Project, International Fiber Collaborative

In 2009 I had the opportunity to participate in the Tree Project, sponsored by the International Fiber Collaborative. I had seen their prior project A Gas Station covered in quilt blocks in a quilting magazine and was fascinated with the thinking out side the box. So I contacted the email and followed the directions I received.
One can find the most interesting articles on the web.. and an opportunity to be part of something fascinating.. The Tree Project contributions came from 23 countries, and 39 U.S. states. The tree is located in Big Springs International Park in Huntsville, Alabama.

I was excited when a volunteer on the project emailed me to say, she just loved my leaf. I appreciated the fact that she took the time to contact me. Making art is so personal and to have some one appreciate my little leaf was over whelming.

"Much like a live tree is interdependent on it's leaves and roots for survival, societies are interdependent on the greater whole family unites, communities, and countries.

The project that is in the works now, is the Dream Rocket.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coarsegold Historical Museum

The Picayune School house was used by the Chuckchansi Yokut Indians from 1913-1956. We were able through a grant from Chuckchansi Casino to refurbish the inside, with fans, swamp cooler, and lighting. Also painting, and carpeting was supplied and installed by volunteers.. Our Art, Music, Dinner in the Meadow is an annual Fund raiser. This year we featured the Cuddle or Comfort Quilts made by the Sierra Mountain Quilters Ass. Volunteers were inside finishing up the newest Opportunity Quilt to be raffled off at the Quilt show next May. It was a beautiful day and a delicious barbecue and music to delight the ears.
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Bear Paw Quilts - Oakhurst Ca.

Nice ideas to be found in quilts stores, and I love the cabinet also. Reminds me that I have things to refinish at home.. and should be on my way...

I was between errands and stopped in to see the gals at Bear Paw Quilts in Oakhurst. I fell in love with some of their displays. I am not a traditional quilter, but that does not stop me from admiring lace and pastels.. and thinking what a joy it would be to make one of these quilts. I will bet you that I have something like that started in a UFO box, I know I have some chickens and red work some where.
But today I need to finish my Tropical kite, that we are going to hang on Wed. for our show at the book store.
More about that later.

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