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Friday, May 28, 2010

Window at the Met.

A few months ago, our Sisters 7 group rented a display window in front of the Met Movie house in Oakhurst.. We had hoped we would get some good input from the display.. we change it out about every 6 weeks. Julie and Kathleen took on the job. Because as you can see, not many can get into that small space. Julie and Kathleen have lots of practice hanging the arts because they also have this "job" at our local co-op Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst.. We all bring a variety of pieces but they get the last word, on what goes up. You know color, balance, form, design etc. all play a part. Our theme this time was to think Spring.. I brought the photo of the rose at the top and one of my "wishing" gourds near Julie's feet. My other pieces are on the wall to the left. The reflections on the window make it hard to take a nice photo. We have a new show "Tropical Breeze "coming up the second week of June. I am working on another kite.. will show the work in progress soon.
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