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Monday, May 31, 2010

Yard Sales, Colorful Houses

The Saturday before Memorial Day there is a several block yard sale in Fresno.. We were reminded and went, arriving about 8 AM.. It started at 6, or at least that is the time that some of my friends arrived and bought up all the great items.
I know there are no garage sale goodies in these photos. Because I got lost looking at all the wonderful cottage looking houses. What amazing colors, and the roses are out of this world.
Doesn't this look like the perfect place to sit and relax. Cool and beautiful. You would never know that hundreds of people are walking by with strollers, dragging baskets, crying kids and total bedlam. I love the designs of these homes, so very different from up in our mountains, just 30 miles away.
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Window at the Met.

A few months ago, our Sisters 7 group rented a display window in front of the Met Movie house in Oakhurst.. We had hoped we would get some good input from the display.. we change it out about every 6 weeks. Julie and Kathleen took on the job. Because as you can see, not many can get into that small space. Julie and Kathleen have lots of practice hanging the arts because they also have this "job" at our local co-op Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst.. We all bring a variety of pieces but they get the last word, on what goes up. You know color, balance, form, design etc. all play a part. Our theme this time was to think Spring.. I brought the photo of the rose at the top and one of my "wishing" gourds near Julie's feet. My other pieces are on the wall to the left. The reflections on the window make it hard to take a nice photo. We have a new show "Tropical Breeze "coming up the second week of June. I am working on another kite.. will show the work in progress soon.
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Camille- jewelry artist

Yes, that is her motorcycle... Camille is a fantastic jewelry artist... I met Camille years ago through my friend Julie. She is a delightful young woman, beautiful in side and out.. I always enjoy seeing her and hearing what she is up to... new chrome for the "bike".
She is selling her one of a kind necklaces in Palm Springs.. Lucky ladies to be wearing a Camille original!
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Kathleen's Home Studio Tour

Julie Mitchell and I showed our art under the beautiful sun lighting of the Easy Up Tent.. which is usually not that easy to set up. We had a wonderful time at Kathleen Mattox's home studio tour.. Sky was blue, Kathleen's goodies to eat were wonderful.. We had to munch on the chocolate strawberries before they melted!! Several artists were in Kathleen's home and Julie and I did the meet and greet on the front lawn. Everyone had sent out invitations to their guest lists, to come, visit and view our newest art pieces.
We were delighted at the turn out.. and all ways nice to have art lovers appreciating and taking home some of our art.. I just have a few hand dyed scarves left... will have to start dyeing again for the up coming Sierra Art Trails the first week-end in Oct.. seems like a long way off, but it is not.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ties that Bind, & Day of the Dead Celebreation Quilt

"Ties that Bind" won second at the Yosemite Western Artists Juried Art Show. We had a great turn out for the show and a beautiful variety of art. Several of the Sisters 7 received ribbons and there was a wonderful reception with delicious food and spirited music. My friend Peggy donated some of her tatting pieces, and some of the silk was from other projects that the Yoyo's had been involved with. Further down in my blogs you can see how I started the piece

Each time I work on the blog, something surprises me or it does not work like I would think it would. With that said.. here is my Day of the Dead Celebration Quilt, with a blue ribbon from the Yosemite Western Art Show.. You can not see the detail, of applique flowers, beads, skulls, and clay beads that I brought home from Mexico eons ago.. Had lots of fun making it and will be on display in June at the Positive Living Centers Book Store in Oakhurst.
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shrine to Land and Sky

I had lots of fun with this piece. Started out knowing the shape I wanted to take, but then some designs just get a mind of their own..The sky is a mixture of my hand dyes, hand painted fabric and sky photos I took here at home. I experimented with different decorative stitches on my machine, adding yarn and beads to out line. Hand stitching with hand dyed cotton thread, netting. buttons and free motion quilting. The center piece I stamped into air clay and painted with acrylic paint. I used a variety of upholstery and batik fabrics in addition to the hand dyed pieces. This Mixed Media Landscape is 17"W X 16 1/4 L.
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