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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lupine Tree/ Bush, Boot Tree Ranch

I was just chatting with my dear friend Doris, who lives in SO. Calif. Yes, the hills are alive with the lupines. We have 3 varieties on our property.. this tree/ bush shape, the small 5-6 inch purple and some times white, and then a little larger variety that are about 1ft. high and purple.

I was surprised the other day to find one on it's side. Thinking the cats had been at play I looked a bit closer and there in the middle was a gopher hole.. Usually, it seems the gophers only go after the plants I buy at the nursery, but the wild plants must be good eating also.

The tree next to the Lupine is a Dollar Eucalyptus. I love the smell and the color.. When planting, I try to think of the grays, burgundy, and purple colors.. Then throw in a bit of yellow for spice..

In the Spring everything is so wonderfully colorful.. The yellow daffodils are just fading and the purple Iris are popping out all over our field.. So far so good with the gophers.
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