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Saturday, April 17, 2010

1000 Artisan Textiles, "Shrine to Land and Sky"

1000 Artisan Textiles is a beautiful new book on the market by Sandra Salamony and Gina M. Brown, published by Quarry Books. I feel blessed to have my Mixed Media Fiber Art, included with so many wonderful artists.. There is such a variety of textiles displayed on the 320 pages, it is truly eye candy for the soul as well a inspirational. My piece, "Shrine to Land and Sky" is on page 224. Art pieces from all over the world have been included in the colorful pages.

It is exciting to read about the "ingredients" used. The Chapters in the book start out with Wearable Art & Couture, Fashion Accessories, Soft Furnishings & Vessels, Tapestries & Display Art and Art Quilts.

I am so grateful to David Hoffman for taking the wonderful photographs so that I could enter. David is an amazing artistic photographer, he and his wife Charlotte live in the mountains of Mariposa near Yosemite National Park. Charlotte is a pastel and watercolor artist. They are wonderful friends and working artists. The awards for their work are too long to list.

Be sure to come to our area for Sierra Art Trails the first weekend in Oct. and you can meet many of the artists in our area. More about that later.
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Silk & more Silk

Next was to decide on the kite shape, and layer the fabric on the Peltex. I worked my self into a corner.. But will be adding yarns, buttons and beads, so that is ok. This is on going because right now, a different dead line is looming.

Sisters 7 is setting up the Window at the Movie theater this week and must decide what I am going to show there.

Entry to Sierra Art Trails is due this week, and what am I going to show in the catalog. My dear friend and fantastic photographer David Hoffman is going to take photos of some fiber pieces for me. We met on Saturday, because I was afraid it would snow on Monday... and it did.. Funny more snow and hail in Fresno then in our town in the mountains.

On to a new project.. a Crazy Quilt Kite.. pulled out the silk ties, silk scraps, some hand dyes and batiks.. One step at a time.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lupine Tree/ Bush, Boot Tree Ranch

I was just chatting with my dear friend Doris, who lives in SO. Calif. Yes, the hills are alive with the lupines. We have 3 varieties on our property.. this tree/ bush shape, the small 5-6 inch purple and some times white, and then a little larger variety that are about 1ft. high and purple.

I was surprised the other day to find one on it's side. Thinking the cats had been at play I looked a bit closer and there in the middle was a gopher hole.. Usually, it seems the gophers only go after the plants I buy at the nursery, but the wild plants must be good eating also.

The tree next to the Lupine is a Dollar Eucalyptus. I love the smell and the color.. When planting, I try to think of the grays, burgundy, and purple colors.. Then throw in a bit of yellow for spice..

In the Spring everything is so wonderfully colorful.. The yellow daffodils are just fading and the purple Iris are popping out all over our field.. So far so good with the gophers.
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Fabric Post Cards- Fiberarttraders-

I thought I would show a few of the items I use when making a fabric post card.. This exchange with Fiber art traders are the mini bras. I use the single sided Pellon Peltex. I put on my base fabric or I piece fabric on the Peltex with my sewing machine.. Remember sharp needles. With the bra's I had backed the fabric with Pellon, cut out the pattern, ironed in place, and zig zaged around the bra. Then I can add what ever I want. On these I decided that silk flowers sewn on with beading. I added a fabric address side with Postmark stamped on it, and zig zaged around the whole card. Cut out some leaves and glued them under the flowers. Let that dry, and addressed the other side.
Our post office is very nice, some are not so kind..I take these to the post office, and put the stamps on, then they hand stamp them, (extra cost) and I placed these postcards in special clear envelopes, (which can be purchased at ClearBags on the net, and some times at Wall-mart), because of the silk flower. If it were a flat postcard with out the floppy items on it, I would send with out the clear envelope on them.. All fabric postcards carry an extra charge. I am looking forward to teaching some postcard classes. .Contact me if you are interested.
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Yosemite Mountain Quilters-cuddle quilts

Attended our local Yosemite Mountain Quilters meeting and we had lots to share. We always have cuddle quilts to make. Blocks are cut by a group of ladies and bagged with batting and backing. Kathy and I each took a bag at our Ecco retreat and set the squares randomly, but we added a twist. I brought fabric paints and some plain fabrics. The ladies all came out to have their hands painted so that they could put them on the fabric and we incorporated them in the quilts.. We wanted people to know that these were made locally with love in our hearts for those in need. Laura was kind enough to do the quilting on her long arm and we each do the binding after that. I still have to do the binding by hand. I guess it is having that last connection to any quilt.
We will be showing these at the Art, Music and Dinner in the Meadow, at the Coarsegold Historical Museum on June 5th.. Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time.. I will be writing more at a later date.
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