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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rain fills our Rivers

Our wonderful rain is here.. This is our lower field, we put in additional fencing this year for the llama's to munch on more grass, and they have delighted in it.

The close area of water is usually where we cross to go to our "island", and now it really is an island. The far side is the main section of the Fresno River and we love it when there is water flowing. So good for the land, so very good for the wild animals..
The air smells so clean and we love the beautiful green colors. Have you really noticed how many different greens are showing at once? Nature is such a beautiful blend of greens and browns at this time of year..

I think this is one of my most favorite seasons... What is yours?
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  1. Spring is good, however, I need, want, love summer. The heat, sunshine, enery in the day, sunshine, people seem happier, and oh did I mention sunshine????


  2. So much rain! I love seeing the pictures of the river.


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