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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fresno River in the Summer

Have you ever wondered why Californian's worry about water? This is the Fresno River in the summer.. Yes, that is a photo of me taking a photo of the river, and yes, I am standing in it. Willows and giant rocks have a special beauty also. But what do our wild animals, and beavers have to drink? Yes, we have beavers in Coarsegold.

The Fresno River is diverted on July 15th, to Merced,, or so the story goes. It was an arrangement done eons ago and they say it can not be changed. And the sad part is that they don't even let enough water continue down this way for the animals. This is a terrible situation. In one part of the state they are opening rivers, because they care about fish and not the farmers.. in other areas, the animals and fish be damned... Many of the neighbors try to move fish from one hole that is drying up to a larger hole.. it is great hunting for the Blue Heron, little fish all contained for them in a small body of water. Then that also dries up.

Politics just picks and chooses what they want to look at.. This water flows into Lake Hensley. When there is no water coming into it, naturally is gets lower also.. If there were more water in the Lake it could be used in case of emergency.. such as fire...

I don't usually get political,, but had to say my 2 cents regarding our animals and the condition of water in Calif.
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  1. Bravo. I lived in Northern and Central CA for many years and yes the politics on water rights is out of control.



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