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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yarn and more Yarn

I have this box of yarn.. It is winter, rainy and cold out side. It is a New Year.. What else should I do but take a beginning class in knitting at the local knit store in Oakhurst.. Yes, my mother taught me to knit when I was 16. But I really never learned to read the instructions.. So that is what I am doing on Monday mornings.. I have knitted a dozen or more scarves, with great delight. They are also selling very well. My friend Ruth gave me a wonderful pattern for a nice warm hat.. and it will be done soon, I hope.. Then to finish the socks I started a couple of years ago. I stopped because summer crept up on me and it was toooooo hot to knit.. Have you ever read the series of Books by Debbie Macomber, The Shop on Blossom Street? It is a fun series of life in a yarn store.. We are not that dramatic, but I am getting to know a great group of knitting and crocheting ladies.. I am saying No to Crocheting.. For those that know me, it has too many numbers! Will show you my "hat" when I finish.. Did you know you can get UFO's in Knitting also....I am finishing this Hat!!!!
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  1. I love the Blossom Street novels myself. She just doesn't write them quite fast enough! I love to knit also and I was kind of hooked on the fingerless gloves that I had at Sierra Art Trails this year. And then I misplaced the pattern, which I had modified some, and have stopped knitting until I can find it again. Why do I misplace things? I think it's because there are too many things! Keep up the good work learning to read patterns.

  2. I found a pattern for fingerless gloves but had not started them.. If you find yours would love to see it and know how you felt you needed to change them. Funny how great minds think alike! I was out of town for Sierra Art Trails. Do you have a photo??
    I keep a list of books/ authors and check out the used books store.. Did you know if you type in the Author, they usually have a printed list so that you can check them off.


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