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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Refrigerator words, Haiku

Yes, this is my refrigerator door... Little magnetic words.. and the photo is not me, I saw it in a magazine add and that is my figure in my mind, and in my fantasy I would wear white.. in real life, it is jeans, T. shirt ( turtle necks in the winter) and tennis shoes.. That magazine photo also fits with the houses you see in Arch. Digest.. But in real life, I get messy in the studio, and while the paint dries I might wander out side and pull weeds.. Does not work to dress in White!!!! But back to the refrig, magnetic words.. The grand kids loved writing little poems when they visit and when we are waiting for the microwave to do its thing, my husband and I plunk down little sayings.. The best ones were lost when the computer crashed.. but I am starting a new collection.

"Dream creek weed, happy winter rain, in the night and shiver."

"Blue grass beneath the purple wind, journeys through the wild summer garden"
I am not counting to see if they are haiku's, but it is fun while the water boils..
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  1. Love it! We have them on the frig also, but haven't done much productive with them. Now I know when to do them! While waiting for the toaster, microwave, or water to boil. :)

  2. thank you Kathleen, it is fun, and good use of waiting.. Never know what you could come up with for painting.. and me for my quilts.

  3. The purists might label them "NOT Haiku"
    But Vivian, the scenes evoked by your words are truly beautiful.

    And I love your idea of magnetic words...haven't seen that before

    Happy New Year


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