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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fresno Met Art Museum

A few weeks back I showed some photos of a field trip when our YoYo's Quilt Circle went to the Fresno Met. Museum.. The sad news today is that the Met has closed not for repairs or updating which they recently had accomplished, but for the lack of funds. We feel very blessed to have seen the Dr. Seuss, Matisse and Chagall exhibits so close to home. And very saddened that this venue will not be available for the Central Valley population.
The "rich" are needed, their contributions and fund raisers as well as the people that visit museums are the life blood of sharing art and history. They give everyone the opportunity to grow, in the arts as well as stronger for knowing how and why the artists work, and create.. So a little part of all of us, has gone. Many museums are facing the same challenges... what can we do to preserve our inheritance to history and the arts? Volunteer and donate when you can.
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