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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 Little Spirit Gourd Necklaces

I just finished 3 more little gourd necklaces. I put a quarter to show the size. Each one seems to have it's own personality, adding beads or pearls. Sometimes I just have to giggle as silly thoughts run through my head. I feel them saying, " I want that Bead, or don't put that one on me!". It is hard to part with them. But am delighted when people want to purchase my little creations. ..
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  1. I love them! How much do you sell them for? or do they vary?

  2. I usually make a variety for ladies to choose from.. I sell them for $45.00 each.. Am working on some more, as at the moment I am sold out. But should have some more soon.. Thank you glad you like them.. Let me know what colors you like, or is it every color!

  3. They are very cool...you should give a workshop...maybe at Kathleen's if that comes into being...

  4. Thank you Julie,, that is a good idea. Teaching workshops at Kathleen's, sounds fun. Giving workshops will push me to clean up my work space also.. although, when working on my Spirit Gourds, I have beads all over the place.

  5. For some reason Vivian I have always visualised your gourd work as being larger pieces!
    I love your necklaces.
    I wonder if Customs would allow them passage into Australia?
    I ask this, because of their "vegetable/plant" content


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