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Monday, November 30, 2009

Coarsegold Museum Holiday Art Show

Julie, Valerie, Joanne, and I are having a Holiday Art Show at the Coarsegold Historic Museum the week-end of Dec. 5 & 6th.. This will be our first at this location. Last year we had a wonderful time at Julie's Studio. This year we decided to try the museum because it is near the Chuckchansi Casino and on Highway 41. We will have docents available for tours from 1-4, so this will be a very festive occasion and a chance to see the museum . Our art will be in the renovated School House. Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hard boiled eggs

Well, this is not even Easter Season and I blew up the eggs again. My husband did scrub the pan and it looks like it will survive. In the past I have just buried the pans. I cut out the burned part of the eggs and they are fine also. That is what I get for working on the computer and not setting the timer... the ones that exploded were on my just cleaned floor.. How domestic does this sound?
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Domestic Witch Award

Julie Mitchell, my art friend and art buddy sent me Domestic Witch Blog Award. It has taken me awhile to figure out the blog stuff, but here it is, with tongue in cheek..On my blog Riverwind, I did get a bit domestic with the scrubbing and cleaning our concrete floor. And the other day I was joking about blowing up hard boiled eggs at Easter..
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yoyo Challenge, Day of the Dead Quilt

I have been wanting to work with my Day of the Dead fabrics. Don't look to closely, I have not yet finished the quilting.. I was also thinking of flowers from our Challenge fabrics, but mine are a bit more hidden around the center icon. I struggled also, how to save the beautiful fabrics that everyone made, but in the end I took the scissors to them.. Now I am sewing ( slowly) beads and stitching in many areas. I have some other ideas to add to it..But, participating this week-end in the Madera Art & Wine show. This beading will be perfect relaxation for a nice rainy day..

It is important to challenge our creativity with others. Using the same fabric we all came together with wonderful colorful wall hangings. We have stretched, learned and shared with dear friends. We have stepped out of our comfort zone and we have grown as quilters and artists.
Soon we will all sit down to our Thanksgiving Dinners with family and friends. We are blessed with dear friends and to be as wild as our quilts will let us.
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Yoyo Challenge-Kathy's My Garden of Friends

Kathy also went with the garden theme. Do we see a pattern of thinking here? "This was one of the more difficult challenges the YoYo's have devised. I puzzled for weeks about what to do with the individual fabric pieces my wonderful friends had created. One day sitting and coloring with Penny, my five year old granddaughter, the inspiration came. I was showing Penny how grandma used to have a sheet of white paper and use every crayon in the box, except black, and fill the entire page with splashes of color. Then I showed her how to cover all the colors with the black crayon and use a penny to scratch different designs. While watching her create a flower the idea just popped into my head to do the same principal except with fabric!" Now I have a beautiful reminder of flowerets created by using hand created and dyed fabric from from all my wonderful friends."
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YoYo Challenge, Nancy's Old English Cottage Garden

Nancy said" this was a very difficult challenge for me. All the pieces were so beautiful, I hated to cut them up. It is hard for me to get out of the rectangular box, so I chose to keep the pieces I received as close to the original shapes as possible." Nancy named this challenge piece"Olde English Cottage Garden, as the original theme was garden related.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Great YoYo Garden "cut up" Challenge

Cathy's wall hanging quilt is " The Great YoYo Garden "cut-up" Challenge". " My thoughts during the year went from, are we crazy, to what a lot of fun, to we are fabulous." Cathy created a garden gate that leads you into a flurry of flowers. Interesting that most of us saw Flowers from the fabric we made. Cathy has moved out of our immediate area, but still drives to visit on our meeting days. We miss her, but know that she is closer to a quilt store then we are.. In the hot summer our YoYo group drives to Cathy's to swim in her pool, giggle, and munch on salad.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Janet Houts Creates

Janet took the same Challenge and came up flowers. " My piece is called Wild Flowers". "This was the most unusual challenge we have done yet and the hardest ( especially getting started). None of the pieces seemed to relate to each other, so I had to over look that by choosing a geometric shape and cutting most of them into a wedge, in random sizes. The pieces are wildly colorful, so I chose a smooth, graduated background to show off the pieces. Once I placed a few fan shapes on the back ground, they turned into flowers and the project was easy to complete. "

Janet's web site is www.mercurystudios.net. Janet has moved and is living in Idaho, and our Quilt Circle is near Yosemite National Park in Calif. Janet is our long distance yoyo! I love the wild flower theme, but it could also be a beautiful blooming cactus.
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Peggy, My Beautiful Blooming YoYos

Peggy wrote me, " As I looked at my "cut" pieces I realized they reflected my friends. Each unique, different shapes and colors and all beautiful. I could not change them, so I molded them together into a fabric collage. I enhanced each with thread work, then molded them together. To me, the collage looks like a bouquet of flowers in a vase. I call it m"My beautfiful Blooming YoYo's."
If you look closely, you will see that there is "molding", there are special tucks and pleats that make this piece 3 dimensional. Oh, what fun we have.
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Strings of YoYo things.

Polly's piece is named "Strings of YoYo Things". It is a wonderful wall hanging with almost the whole of the pieces she was given. Your eye follows the trail from one piece to another. She blended them all together, and framed it in black. Great idea, Polly.
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Cuff Bracelets- fabric

Cuff Bracelet collection is growing.. experimenting with different ways of making them, with buttons, with out, with velcro, with out, rounded corner and not. Beads and other decorations. Anything goes, use your imagination! Cuff bracelets make great gifts.
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Fabric Cuff Bracelets

First I am going to apologize again for having photos & blurbs out of order.. to correct that I need to read more directions, something I am not good at.. would rather be in the studio.. Playing with my new challenge of making some cuff bracelets for our up coming shows. Oh, you can be so creative, and these make great gifts.. Almost like eating popcorn, the more you make the more ideas you have and a good way to use fabric you love.
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Julie Mitchell-Mother

I just love each one of Julie's fantastic Spirit Figures, each one is so unique. One is Mother, Maiden, and Shaman. Hope you have a chance to see them also in Oakhurst, at Timberline Gallery, and at the Willow Bridge Book Store.
juliemitchellspiritfigures.blogspot.com. You can see a wide range of fiber artists at, cafiberart.com. If I could figure out the links I would do so, but so far it has not worked for me. Not a techy.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Crab Cakes lunch, Janna Lewis

My friend Janna Lewis and I had the opportunity to finally meet for lunch in Oakhurst at the Crab Cakes Restaurant.. We chatted about all sorts of things, and ate yummy food. Janna is better behaved when it comes to food, choosing a delightful salad.. Ok, so I like Crispy Popcorn Shrimp.. something I would never cook my self.. and it is salad for dinner tonight.. Haven't you found that salad tastes so much better when some one else makes it!
Topics ranged from "how easy the Computer is" ( you know I am kidding), web sites, blogs, clothing, fabric and food! Janna is just about ready to launch her Slightly Used Clothing Line, and I will be adding to her Designer Gallery with one of a kind hand dyed scarves.. Will let you all know when it hits the net.
If you are ever in Oakhurst, do try the Crab Cakes for lunch or dinner, you will love it..
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Pat Knochel, Quilter, Author, Speaker

Pat Knochel was a guest speaker at our Sierra Mountain Quilt Guild Meeting.
What a treat that was with all her goodies to sell. If you are not familiar with Pat, she travels
all the U.S. speaking, teaching, showing her designs and selling her books and templates. You might know her as Eleanor Burns sis.
I started out quilting like so many others with the Eleanor Burns, Quilt in a Day, Log Cabin and I still have it. My quilting day was a bit longer then 8 hours.. The star is a take on that design, I love it, very stunning with the darks and the lights.
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