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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Knit Scarves for Christmas

Now that the excitement of Christmas is over, and only the memories of torn paper, wonderful food, family and friends remain. I can show the scarves I have been knitting for the grand-girls.. This has been relaxing and fun.. One New Years Resolution,, 4 lessons on reading a pattern for knitting, along with techniques.. I was 16 when I last made anything from a pattern, and I am sure there are better ways to do it now.. Not to say anything about the exciting colors and softness of the yarns.
No, am not changing directions in my art, but most of the mixed media artists I know take a tangent now and again. There is something meditative about knitting and feeling the yarns sliding through my fingers. The colors are mesmerizing, especially the variegated ones, as they change and make their own pattern. I love mixing the types of yarns, the lacy look of some when I use the big needles.

It is almost New Years.. trying to get my creative list together for next year while also keeping a calm approach. What will I work on first.. what dead line is next? I will show more of the process this year. Enjoy your New Years.
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  1. Your scarves are just beautiful. I love the colors and the variety of textures. I like to knit in the evenings when I need to let my mind rest. Sometimes I knit a lot and then I don't knit at all for months. I do know how to read patterns but some of them are a bit mystifying.

  2. Your scarves are wonderfully beautiful and just love the textures! love them!


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