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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yoyo Challenge-Kathy's My Garden of Friends

Kathy also went with the garden theme. Do we see a pattern of thinking here? "This was one of the more difficult challenges the YoYo's have devised. I puzzled for weeks about what to do with the individual fabric pieces my wonderful friends had created. One day sitting and coloring with Penny, my five year old granddaughter, the inspiration came. I was showing Penny how grandma used to have a sheet of white paper and use every crayon in the box, except black, and fill the entire page with splashes of color. Then I showed her how to cover all the colors with the black crayon and use a penny to scratch different designs. While watching her create a flower the idea just popped into my head to do the same principal except with fabric!" Now I have a beautiful reminder of flowerets created by using hand created and dyed fabric from from all my wonderful friends."
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