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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yoyo Challenge, Day of the Dead Quilt

I have been wanting to work with my Day of the Dead fabrics. Don't look to closely, I have not yet finished the quilting.. I was also thinking of flowers from our Challenge fabrics, but mine are a bit more hidden around the center icon. I struggled also, how to save the beautiful fabrics that everyone made, but in the end I took the scissors to them.. Now I am sewing ( slowly) beads and stitching in many areas. I have some other ideas to add to it..But, participating this week-end in the Madera Art & Wine show. This beading will be perfect relaxation for a nice rainy day..

It is important to challenge our creativity with others. Using the same fabric we all came together with wonderful colorful wall hangings. We have stretched, learned and shared with dear friends. We have stepped out of our comfort zone and we have grown as quilters and artists.
Soon we will all sit down to our Thanksgiving Dinners with family and friends. We are blessed with dear friends and to be as wild as our quilts will let us.
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