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Friday, October 30, 2009

Polly's quilt back

Polly did an amazing back on her piece showing each persons fabric and their photo. I think these are photos that I lost when my Computer crashed.. Thankfully, Polly had arranged them beautifully on her quilt.. Thanks, Polly, great idea.
Also, please excuse the messed up order.. guess there is something I missed in the directions for Blogging.. so we are a bit out of order.. Enjoy!

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The YoYo's

Here we all are with our projects. Left in the back, me, Polly, Cathy, Myra, and Nancy, bottom left, Kathy, Janet, Peggy. I still have some beading and quilting to do, but the bindings are on and most of the quilting. Just want to add some more beads, and goodies that I am finding in the store, because it is almost Halloween..
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Challenge Fabric for YoYo's

The start of this challenge, was to make fabric in one 23 inch piece. We got together the next month, and cut random pieces. Each person received one part of each fabric. You can see the variety of pieces and techniques that everyone created. There was piecing, applique, painting, stamping, layering, silk, cotton, and tatting. Then think up a wall quilt, or what ever, it could have been clothing, and come back on the due date with a completed project.
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Day of the Dead quilt- YoYo's

Our YoYo group, as we call our Circle has 8 members. We started out as the YaYa's, but Polly's European husband, kept calling us the YoYo's and it sort of stuck.. We are a bit yoyo, and on occasion have made yoyo's. We traveled one year to the Chico YoYo festival, and we have our special yoyo's in our carry bags. Oh, I did not mention that that year the Chico Quilt Show was the same week-end.
We are not the traditional group of quilters.. We like to challenge our selves with art Quilts and techniques. I have been wanting to do a Day of the Dead Quilt for a long time, and this seemed like the right time.
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Abigail Shine, jewelry artist

Julie and I stopped by an out door art and craft fair to see our friend and jewelry Artist Abigail Shine.. I love her pieces, and they are displayed beautifully. Thankfully, the weather was perfect.. Now, I hope Nov. 14 & 15 will be sunny also. We are all showing at the Madera Cir. Gallery as part of the Madera Wine Festival.. Wonderful opportunity to get some early Christmas gifts and chat with the artists.
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julie mitchell -spirit figures

My dear friend Julie with one of her Spirit Figures,"Shaman, Walking on the wild side" . We had such a fun day and yes, we hit the fabric store in town. Julie found a big stuffed black crow on sale, but he does not have a tail.. In the end she did not want him and I have him in my studio..
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Calif. Fiber Artists- Visalia Show

My artist friend Julie Mitchell and I decided we needed a day off to play. We chose to drive down to Visalia to see the California Fiber Artists show, www.cafiberartists.com . Julie has 3 of her fiber Spirit Figures in it and my other mixed media quilt artist friend Lura Schwarz-Smith,www.lura@lura-art.com, has 2 pieces showing. I took a photo of Lura's, "Stone Dreams", and then got caught by the gallery.. After explaining, we did get permission to finish taking photos, and I got permission from Lura and Julie to put them on my blog. I love the colors and the emotion in this piece. Lura and her hubby Kerby will be teaching at Camp W. in the summer of 2010.. Just don't take my place because I am signing up for Kerby's class.
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Madera Circle Gallery-Art Show

The invitations to the Madera Holiday Art Affair are being sent out. I am excited because a photo of my gourd is on the card. This year we are part of the Holiday Spirit Wine Trail, and in addition to all the artists works in the gallery we will have many artists set up out side. My artist friend Julie Mitchell and I will be showing a wonderful variety of our hand made gifts for the holidays. Be sure to check out Julie's blog for her spirit figures. This gourd is available and will be shown on Nov. 14th. & 15th. with many others. Come join the fun of art and wine tasting.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blueprints on Fabric -leaves

Even the delicate weed shows up looking like lace. Now I have to order more fabric, the ideas are flowing. I need to finish my UFO, that is due on Monday for the Challenge with my YoYo group. So enough of this play for the moment.
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Cyanotype Fun- Blue Prints on Fabric

Three separate pieces of fabric, Leaves from my geranium plant, plastic fencing and the plastic sink pad. Oh, this can become addicting, and so easy and fun. The directions you get with the fabric are easy to do.. Great to do with grand kids also..
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Cyanotype Leaf

I finished all 6 leaves for Postmarkd'art Fabric Postcard exchange.. I used a fig leaf and a rubber mat for the sun printing. I bought the fabric from Blueprints on Fabric, www.blueprintsonfabric.com. Check out their site for lots of ideas, supplies, and fabrics. Sue Reno's quilts are my inspiration.

I finally read the Pfaff machine directions and figured out that I used the wrong bobbin and it does help to read the directions.. takes only a bit of patience. Something I sometimes lack. I now need to buy more fabric,, lots of ideas. Will show more photos as soon as I put them on my scanner.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

P.E.O. Luncheon

My P.E.O. Chapter GZ makes the most delicious luncheons and serves on beautiful china.. Yes, just got back from a retreat with lots of food, but just could not pass up this healthy chicken salad... Hey, the cake does not count... More about P.E.O. an other time. Happy Halloween.
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Pfaff Sewing Machine

Well, I finally got my new machine out to make some fabric post cards for our group Postmarkd'art. Just 6 left to do.. I will photo the others later.
I read the instructions and thought " how hard can this be?" I have had a Pfaff for 20 years.. Well.... For some reason the thread in the bobbin kept getting cut.. So back to my old stand by,,, no time to mess with the newer machine.. and it has such wonderful stitches.. Guess I need lessons!

This is the Postmarkd'art leaf exchange with Cyanotype fabric, and the circles are made the same way. Found a rubber mat for the bottom of a sink and followed the process on the package! Trying to print the leaves from the plants before winter comes in for real.

Cyanotype leaves

Cyanotypes are great fun. If you notice where the shadow is you will see winter is on the way and the sun is at an angle. This is a great little table I found at one of the discount stores, that has settings that vary the top of the table and a lip so that things don't slide off,, just in case I put the to tape over my piece of glass, that held the leaves in place... I put the pink tape all around the glass to keep from cutting my self.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Colorful Potts

I am having a grand time cropping in Picasa... Love these colors also.. but could not live with them painted on my walls.. great for accents.
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Monach Butterflys

Pacific Beach is known for the Monarch Butterfly's.. These wonderful magnets are at the Miss Trawick's Garden Shop.
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Garden Shoes

Hey, I am stuck in this repetition of design.. Does this tell you what I might be doing with a quilt..
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Halloween time

Miss Trawick's Garden Shop,, almost for got this stop in Pacific Beach.. Fun place to look at all sorts of garden goodies.
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Llama- Freckles

Welcome home from Freckles, one of our 4 llama's. Did you miss me??
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Did I forget to show you the Ocean.. well, here are the Sea Gulls
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Pumpkins & Trains

What fun and not a child in sight.. Ah, they were all on the Merry Go Round.
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Casa de Fruta

Casa de Fruta is off the 152 on my way home.. yes, the gas is a bit more expensive here, but I also have an excuse to look at their decorations for Halloween. Love the colors .
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White Chairs

I spent a few moments looking at the fun designs these simple folding chairs made.
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Chairs- Repetition

Chairs from another angle. Repetition of design again..
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Asilomar weddings

Asilomar is a great place to have weddings, and family gatherings.
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Last day

Last day, and clean up, ready, packed to leave, time goes tooo fast. What did I do???
I love going, but don't care for the "refiling" when I get home...
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