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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old Wheel

I really don't have to much to say today.. Sort of tired from working on the newest project. But I love this old wheel at our front gate with the red apple cactus. Reminds me that I have to do some cactus trimming or no one will be able to get out of their car.
Blogging has reminded me to look around and see the beauty, sometimes we just think of our yard as work. It is a work I enjoy, but I forget to look at the little vignettes that the plants make, some on their own, others with help from garage sale items.
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  1. What a beautiful photo, Vivian. And how right you are about us needing to stop to smell the roses, or the coffee. . . .or look at the cactus. We forget how much we have, close at hand.


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