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Friday, September 25, 2009

Japanese kite

I moved the Sashiko octagon down.. don't like the blue at the bottom.. And all my hand work with the Sashiko,, I don't like that either. Will show how it turns out, when I get there.. I will tell you a little,, I added beads, different fabric, and.......
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Japanese Kite

I am playing on my design wall.. Here are variations of my kite. I bought some Japanese fabric, the blue and white eons ago. Did not matter that I did not have a project in mind at the time. It is Kimono fabric in a roll.. I made the octagon shapes and hand stitched the Sashiko designs on them with white Perle Cotton. This just did not look right. Funny how, sometimes I have this idea in my mind, and the quilt just does not want to work with me. Onward.
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Metal Sun/Moon Yard Art

On my Vivianhelena-Riverwind.blogspot, I talk and show about repetition of design, color, texture, through photos taken at our local Sierra Mountain Nursery.. This piece I saved for this blog, because I think this would make a great quilt design.. On the list... oh, that list is soooo long. But it keeps the mind stimulated.
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Praying Mantus

Isn't he or she beautiful? Right at home on the arm of my newly painted Rocking Chair.. What wonderful colors, I imagine he might have had some trouble doing black and white checks..
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Painted Rocking Chair

I still have to spray some poly coat on it, because it is on the patio.. I had great fun doing this.. Now, one more to do. Hope this one will get done this year.. My vision is to paint padded pillows for the seat.. I see it in my mind.. Now, to get it done!
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Rocking chair

I have a long list of to do's, as everyone else does.. and I will not tell you how long it has taken me to finally paint ONE of these rockers.. I looked at them the other day, and could not stand one more moment of painting them in my head.. Just DO it Vivian.. So I dragged one into my studio and started to paint.. I will not even tell you how long it sat in the studio. I had to walk around it many times, because I had a quilt on my design wall.. I would paint a bit on the chair, and while it was drying, work on the quilt.
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Julie Mitchell Spirit Figures Artist

I took this photo of my friend and artist Julie Mitchell at the opening of Sierra Art Trails Reception. I love the colors and the detail of her spirit figures, each one has a story to tell. You can find more of her work at Timberline Art Gallery in Oakhurst. The first week-end in October is the Sierra Art Trails Home Studio Tour.. I have to miss this year because of a prior commitment to quilt with 9 friends at the Ocean.. After 5 years of being a participant, I am sorry that I will not be here. Julie will have a group of wonderful artists at her home studio off of HWY 41 in Coarsegold, pick up a catalog and just follow the orange signs with the numbers of the studios.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lake Water

A nice title, but no one wants to drink this water, let alone play in it. I love the patterns, the color, and the texture. There is a reflection of the wonderful blue sky we had the day we visited the Baker Ranch.. Other photos will be on my Riverwind Site. I think this works better as a photo, then a quilt. What do you think?
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brilliant Colors

This is why I love to dye fabric. I love the excitement of seeing what happens after the washing, the drying and the ironing.. Ironing makes all the difference.. It is hard to cut it up, no matter how many pieces of fabric I have. It is almost like petting my dog, a feeling of comfort. The fabric seems to share it's vibrancy and make the world a wonderful friendly loving color. Just like rainbows, they make you smile and want to hug everyone. Have you hugged your fabric today?
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Hand dyed 12in. X 12 in. Wallhanging

Since I gave the class on hand dyed fabric, I thought I should have something for Show & Tell.. When no one was looking I threw some thread, rickrack and cotton lace into the Pot,, of course, I soaked it first in Soda Ash.. I love dyeing some threads in the same pots, then I have something I can hand sew with that will match or blend. The Orange square in the upper corner and the Blue in the lower right corner were printed with the Oil Paint Sticks. That is lots of fun also, but for another day.
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Shibori playing

I turned my back for a second and the kids are at play,, they slid their arms into the pipes and decided to dance for us. At this point they had not started to paint each other shirts... That came later, and I did not get a photo of the transformation. Thankfully, lunch was ready soon, and we had another delightful salad, and cooled off.
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Shibori wraps

Shibori wraps are not a Japanese food delicacy, but a technique for getting a horizontal or vertical design on our fabrics. Another fun day of play. Watch for Laura's new projects and classes locally.
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Second fabric dyeing day

Kathy and Peggy are making browns from 3 primary colors. I had my husband cut 4 inch wide PVC into comfortable lengths and we scrunched the fabric on to the pipe, with rubber bands, painting on all colors and experimenting with the browns and mixes. I also had some rusts all mixed.. You should be very careful and read the instructions for Procion or any dyes very carefully, and follow all the precautionary instructions.
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Hand dyes rinsed

You can see in the back ground the empty nut containers.. I like those for really large pieces of fabric.. Wolfee our dog is very patient and not always so helpful.. He loves it when I throw his ball, so this process takes twice the amount of time, with all the "ball" breaks.
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24 hours later

Rinsing and later washing. I rinse out side, because I don't want all the water going into my septic tank, and at this point there is no danger with the dyes.

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Fabric in the Jars

Hand dyed fabrics of all colors. I completed 2 boxes of 12 jars each.. Have to use the left over dyes! I always suggest putting the jars in bankers boxes with a large trash bag, just in case there is a spill in the car on the way home. Our back roads are windy and hilly so a little precaution is always needed.
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fabric dyeing luncheon

I could not take the photo of the table from the other end, because of the sun. The group was on either side of the table. Our house was nice and cool after our dyeing session out side. Now I want to see what the ladies create from the fabrics. Each piece will be soooo unique.
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Salad lunch

When we had all completed putting the fabric and dyes in our jars, we sat down to lunch. Everyone brought something to add to the lettuce, variety of salad dressings, and lots of toppings. We had lemonade, and cookies for dessert. I feel this is a great way for ladies to get to know each other and share ideas. I always learn from the classes. Peggy is wearing her hand dyed apron from a previous class.
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Fill the jars with dye

Be brave and have fun with the dye.. Note that some ladies are very brave, or want to go home with newly colored clothes.. There were no accidents!
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Fabric Dyeing week-end

The scheduled fabric dyeing week-end was hot, but the ladies were cool, as they filled their jars full of dyes and pre-soaked fabrics. The class was given through our local Sierra Mountain Quilters Asso. at my studio in Coarsegold. We use wide mouth jars, personally, I like the pasta sauce jars I get at Costco, because I can stuff lots of fabric in one.. Everyone brought 12 jars, and we were using 3 Procion colors , Turquoise, Fuchsia Red and Golden Yellow. There are so many variables when mixing these colors together, but that was for another day. Today they were just learning the basics in Fabric Dyeing.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recycled Fabric Postcard

I am a member of Postmarkd'art and have met the sweetest, most clever ladies ever. Our Fabric Postcard "mom" is Franki Kohler keeps us on track. The first for this #9 round was my Fishy Card, which was "Anything Goes". The one above is Recycled.. The computer fabric on the right was recycled from my stash, the rickrack I hand dyed and was from my mothers collection/stash at least 40 years ago.. That never gets old. The little, what ever they are called are from a phone or some electrical devise that I had my husband take apart to see what was in it. They had nice holes in them and I added beads..
These exchanges are always fun.. I have to design something in the category of leaves.. I have received some fantastic cards,, will share some later..
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

YoYo's Circle

From left to right. Nancy, she is the one with the cast. Watch out where you walk! Peggy, Vivian, Kathy, Cathy, Polly and our guest Cheryl. We are missing Myra, and Janet from Idaho, both will be in attendance next month when our Challenges are due. I have to get busy and finish mine. We keep stimulated with projects, challenges and getting into some trouble, but that is good trouble, food, trips, and quilting. I will tell more later & show what our challenge started with on another day.
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Old Wheel

I really don't have to much to say today.. Sort of tired from working on the newest project. But I love this old wheel at our front gate with the red apple cactus. Reminds me that I have to do some cactus trimming or no one will be able to get out of their car.
Blogging has reminded me to look around and see the beauty, sometimes we just think of our yard as work. It is a work I enjoy, but I forget to look at the little vignettes that the plants make, some on their own, others with help from garage sale items.
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I know you can tell these are hats. I just love the shapes, the lines, and dots, subtle colors, designs and texture. We had fun as usual at the Peddlers Fair. Check my other blog for more info on the Labor Day Festivities.
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