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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tyvek Fish Postcard

This is not what I started out to do today.. Let me back up a bit. Last week I broke one of my molars and I am not a good Dental patient.. Oh, I am ok for the dentist, I am not so good with myself.. And due to costs had to go to a new dental office because of Insurance. I am lucky, they are kind, considerate and very friendly.. Understanding of my fear. I had the temporary cap and all that entails. I asked the Dentist, Dr. Cave to talk about something he enjoys. And he told me all about how he makes Flies for fly fishing. Something I knew nothing about. He also makes them for show and teaches about making them. I bet he has won awards but he did not tell me about that. I wanted to make him a Thank you. My Tyvek Fish Postcard. Hand painted, hand dyed fabric, and painting, rubber stamping, beading, variegated threads yarn, wire, and netting. I will mail it on Monday, and hope that he enjoys it.
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