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Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabric Dyeing Presentation

Fabric dyeing is one of my passions. I was asked by my P.E.O. Chapter in Oakhurst to give a talk on how I dye the fabric, why I enjoy it so much and show some of my quilts. Diane took this photo with my rendition of a sunset "Brilliant Sky". I have included batiks, commercial fabric , and some upholstery fabrics. Adding beading and my hand dyed embroidery thread gives more detail when coming close to the piece. The water fabric was painted my friend, Mickey Lawler, of SkyDyes.
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  1. Hi, Vivian! Congratulations on getting the blog up and running! It really looks nice. The backcolor is very attractive and really sets off the vivid photographs. The gourd photo is just outstandingly clear and beautiful. I did join as a "follower" and am commenting so that you can experience both things. I have no idea why my profile photo appears twice under Followers, at least on my screen. I love your cat photos also. We have a cat named Jimmy, as in Durante, because he has a funny raised ridge running down his long nose. More soon! GOOD WORK!


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