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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tyvek Fish Postcard

This is not what I started out to do today.. Let me back up a bit. Last week I broke one of my molars and I am not a good Dental patient.. Oh, I am ok for the dentist, I am not so good with myself.. And due to costs had to go to a new dental office because of Insurance. I am lucky, they are kind, considerate and very friendly.. Understanding of my fear. I had the temporary cap and all that entails. I asked the Dentist, Dr. Cave to talk about something he enjoys. And he told me all about how he makes Flies for fly fishing. Something I knew nothing about. He also makes them for show and teaches about making them. I bet he has won awards but he did not tell me about that. I wanted to make him a Thank you. My Tyvek Fish Postcard. Hand painted, hand dyed fabric, and painting, rubber stamping, beading, variegated threads yarn, wire, and netting. I will mail it on Monday, and hope that he enjoys it.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabric Dyeing Presentation

Fabric dyeing is one of my passions. I was asked by my P.E.O. Chapter in Oakhurst to give a talk on how I dye the fabric, why I enjoy it so much and show some of my quilts. Diane took this photo with my rendition of a sunset "Brilliant Sky". I have included batiks, commercial fabric , and some upholstery fabrics. Adding beading and my hand dyed embroidery thread gives more detail when coming close to the piece. The water fabric was painted my friend, Mickey Lawler, of SkyDyes.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grape Leaf Gourd

Since I mentioned gourds and showed a part of my studio. I thought maybe you would like to see one of my pieces. I love to draw from the nature around me. The flowing lines of the grape leaves and the clusters of grapes hanging on the vines are very inviting. We have plenty of grape leaves, but the birds have taken the grapes before I could get to them.. After drawing the design I use a burning tool to carve into the gourd. This technique is called Pyrography. Of course, before all that fun stuff, the gourd had to be cut open and cleaned. Yes, with a mask on my face, and steam behind my glasses. Last year my artist friend Julie Mitchell and I went to Bass Lake and found some wonderful pieces of drift wood. I have been busy with Challenge Quilts, but my fingers are just itching to start on a gourd that has already been cleaned.. Back to my Challenge Quilt, I will show a small piece of it tomorrow, maybe, but can not show all of it, or it would not be a surprise for my YoYo group. Will tell the story of the YoYo's next time I get a chance to write.
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Home Studio- gourds-jewelry

I feel so lucky to have my own home studio. This is one 1/2 of it. My gourd, and jewelry side. Why is it that every horizontal surface must have something on it? I have added two more tables for surfaces that I can work on. You guessed it. I put some things on it, and the work surface has disappeared, under a pile of much needed supplies.. I used to keep everything neat and orderly, but then found that the inspiration for that object also got packed away.. So, trying something new. We will see if it works, and I will show the other sides of the room at another time.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quilted Cats

Quilted Cat Pillows are great fun, and a wonderful use of old blocks, ribbons, buttons, yarn and beads. Recycling at it's best. What ever is handy.. In 2006 I took a Cat Pillow Class with June Colburn at Camp Watch-a-Patcher in Orange Co. Calif. This gathering is every other year, and a way for me to see friends in an area that we moved from. It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet super quilt instructors. An other teacher that was great fun that year was Keely Barham who taught the Crazy Quilted Doll. I used her technique on the eyes of the pink cat. Check out their sites for information on their patterns.
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A cat named Mustache

Cats have their own personality. We started out to name this one Groucho, but changed to Mustache. I think it is pretty obvious. Most of the quilters I know have cats and they all have special personalities. Some must sit on your lap while you try to sew, others are happy just to be in the same room. Mustache is an out door cat, he is past the playing stage, but is a good hunter and keeps our home area clear of little rodents.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mixed Media Fiber Artist -me

Welcome to my new blog. I am a Mixed Media Fiber Artist, enjoying a variety of other media, gourds, quilting, painting, jewelry and photography.. I have a great husband, kids and grandkids, 4 llama's, cats, and a Queensland Heeler Dog, also known as an Australian Cattle Dog. I am lucky to have my own Home Studio, which I thought was big enough when I started, but seems to have gotten smaller in time. We love living out in the country and on a California River, which means that it is usually dry in the summer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hidden cat

Mustache is a shy cat, a grey and white fuzz ball with the biggest golden eyes. My garden cart is a welcome retreat where he can watch for any one that might come near.
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