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Thursday, July 24, 2014

500 Traditional Quilts Book- "Variable Toile Stars"

It is always exciting to have a quilt recognized and to receive notification that a quilt will be honored in a book. It seems like eons ago, that  "Variable Toile Stars" was accepted to Lark's new book 500 Traditional Quilts. Debut in Sept.

The blocks were started at Point Bonita Quilt Retreat with a group of ladies headed by Barbara Brackman. Barbara is a known author of many books on the history of quilt blocks and quilts.
Check out her books on Amazon.

Each year we would return home to make a quilt from a theme fabric or a particular design and bring it the following year for show and tell.

I worked on my design wall, trying to figure out just how I would set them.. If you will notice each block is the same, it just depends on the way you set the colors.  This was also a study in lights and darks, in other words values, not just color.

Shirley Greenhoe did the beautiful quilting on her longarm.quilting machine. This was much to large for me to handle. Photography done by our local  photographic artist: David Hoffman

In this close up, you can see the variety of toile fabrics that was used for each block.
There is even a fabric design showing a group of ladies sitting around a quilting frame, lower right hand corner of the block.

Yesterday, I was notified that the quilts are going to be shown at Houston's International Quilt Festival this fall. It is the Ruby Jubilee, ( for those of you that don't quilt, this is one of the largest quilt shows in the U.S.A. more than 60,000 quilters gather), later the Texas Quilt Museum in Central Texas, also plans for Festival in Chicago 2015 and several other venues.

I am sure the 500 Traditional Quilts book will be available at all the venues, and later from Amazon.

Wow, this quilt is going to do more traveling then I have lately.

I feel honored to share this quilt with such a large audience.  My thanks go to all the people it takes to put a book together, the hours they worked and for the gift of sharing.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Over board with projects. Experiment

 This is my calm down flower moment.

There has been so very much going on that I am over the top with my brain running in circles.
Trying to get ideas for Timberline Gallery's Art Quilt Mural, contacts about advertising, emailing Kelly-Moore paint,  please see their Facebook and scroll down.. They are so kind to post our project on their Facebook.

And then my hubby drove me to a NCQC ( Northern Calif. Quilt Council)meeting yesterday, 3.5 hours away. In case you are not familiar, they are a speakers bureau for Quilt Guilds.  I have a great power point, and trunk show to schedule with guilds.  We did have fun there and saw some friends, connected with others and left my flyers.

We made the rest of the fun day, by stopping at Pea Soup Andersen's, and I must say by the time we got home at 5 PM a nap was in order and we are not nappers, but it was a long day.

Leaving at 5:30 in the AM.  is not great fun, but less traffic. So there is a plus.

I bought an Ipad for the Power Point, so much to learn before the end of Aug and my presentation and Trunk show at Madera Quilt Guild.. looking forward to that.

If any of you ladies work with the IPad, I am open to suggestions and would love to hear from you!

I am experimenting with the Photo Booth app on the IPad.

This is the Kaleidoscope design of the top photo of flowers. Wouldn't that make great printed fabric.
I went a bit crazy after that and walked around the garden before it got too hot.

Lunch break and then to the studio..  A little cooler today. Hope you are having a great creative Day!!!  Comments and ideas are appreciated!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Art Quilt Block Mural

 This turned out to be a bigger project than anticipated.. Each painting is on a 4'x4' board.  This building is 70 long and 2 stories high.

Photo of Jacqueline and Michael hanging the pieces.. carefully.  I thought when it was complete, so would my "job".  But now we have all sorts of ideas, and people are wanting posters and cards.
So each day is bringing lots of surprises, distractions and a learning process.  I am not getting to my studio as much as I would like..

It is such fun to see peoples faces when they see it.. Many are stopping and taking photos to share with friends. If you are up this way, please stop in and say hi and let us know how you like it.

We are hoping that it catches on in the town and we have other businesses that would like art on the outside of their building, home, barn, Tuff shed or gate.. Lets have art beautify with nature.

This is on the North side of Timberline Gallery, Hwy 41, Oakhurst Calif. Gallery Row.  Be sure to stop in and say HI.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Exceptional Art Gathering Saturday July 12th.

We are having a wonderful collection of events this coming Saturday at Timberline Gallery. A celebration for our Art Quilt Block Mural, perhaps this name will be shortened once people understand what it is and where it is.
Can't believe it till you see it.
In addition we have the opening of our special showing "Wild and Wonderful Show" and Carolyn Hartling is opening her Solo Showing of "Echoes". 
In addition we have some Children's Activities, of weaving, painting, and bubble printing.
I might try my hand at that also,,, not just for the Children!

Yes, some munchies will be available also, come and enjoy an afternoon at Timberline Gallery

Friday, June 27, 2014

Art Quilt Blocks- Mural Installed, Oakhurst Ca.

 After long months of planning the installation of the 4'x 4' plywood boards, it went up with out a hitch. 
Michael Muscato from Art Signs, handled each piece with care.  The area covered is 70 ft.x 2 stories.

I won't go into the details of the pre-construction on the building, but to say it was extensive and expensive. It was needed to hold the boards, and bolt them to the building.

Our Fiber artist Jacqueline Kurtt, did an amazing job of research, paint, wood, bolts, and contacting the experts we needed for the project.
Michael Costa took professional photos of the event, although these are my snapshots.

The artists from Timberline wanted to make a contribution to the celebration of 150 years of Yosemite National Park. And we also felt we needed to have a permanent colorful "Welcome to Oakhurst" for visitors driving down Hwy 41, from Yosemite National Park.

This all started with my idea of the Barn Blocks, ( see Lake County,Quilt Trail. Calif) and the tours across the U.S. visiting various cities that feature these amazing works of art.  Google  Vivian Helena Pinterest, (Art Barns).   We took this idea one or many steps further.

Each painted board has 3 coasts of primer, then 5 coats of exterior house paint. 

Of course, you can probably guess which one is mine, yes, the "Star within a Star."
 I chose this particular quilt block design, depicting the spectacular view of the stars from the mountain area.
We have deer, flowers, snow scenes, and a variety too many to mention. 19 blocks in total, 12 are painted, and 7 are photographic reproductions.

And yes, reproductions of these pieces are for sale or commission pieces upon discussion with the artist. In the next week we will have forms available, and can reproduce in various sizes.

We are hoping that those that enjoy this wall also donate toward our project, over $3,000. was loaned by an artist  to establish a foundation on the building for attaching this exhibit. 

Each artist paid the expenses for their wood, paint, photography and anything else needed to complete their piece. 

We expect this exhibit to be up for several years. Please come by and stop in at Timberline Gallery to let us know how you like it. We are a co-op, non profit Gallery) and each day there is a different artist attending to the gallery. Come meet us and enjoy Timberline Gallery.

Gallery Row has a wonderful variety of arts and gifts, most of it from Artists that live in the surrounding area. 

Enjoy your visit to Yosemite National Park and it's surrounding area.

Watch for our invitation to a reception in July, still in the planning stages.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Barn Quilt Blocks and surprises!

Start of a new project, can you guess what it is going to be?
House paint, ruler, brushes, tape, plywood, with 3 coats of primer.
Sandpaper, pencil, and the list went on.

Drawing, with color.

I drew the lines with pencil, and started with the blue tape. I had to figure which lines would intersect, and hoping after the 5 layers of paint over the 3 layers of primer none of the paint would pull up with the tape after it dried and also that it did not bleed through.

I pressed the side where I was painting down to make a good connection, and for the most part it worked.

Then the painting began. Actually, the Kelly Moore paint went on beautifully, covering well, and drying fast.  I waited a day between coats, just to make sure.  This was set up in my garage, on an old door, perfect height with the saw horses.

Each color had to be done separately, because of the tape. The sides even have 5 coats over the primer.  In this photo it looks blue, but it is purple.
You can not tell that this board is 4'x 4'.  But it is, and heavy.

I will be writing more about this project, it is amazing and it will be hung on June 24, on the back outside wall of Timberline Gallery on Hwy 41 in Oakhurst, Ca.

What started out as a discussion of Barn Quilt Blocks has grown into a magnificent mural called the Art Quilt Blocks.  We hope that residents of the mountain area will love this salute to Yosemite National Park and our mountain area.

Ready to deliver to Timberline Gallery.

This is the preliminary work up done on a computer. Sort of our starting point.

Next blog I will explain how the construction was done and how Jacqueline our in house weaving artist/engineer figured this all out. With out her this would have been artists doing their thing with a nail and hammer.

Why I did a quilt block, because I am a fiber artist. We have every variety of artist in the Galleries in Gallery Row.  To imagine the size of this, look to see the height of the doors at the bottom of the building.

Ever checked out the Barn Quilt Blocks on Pinterest?   Check them out on my Pinterest Board at

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sun Printing- experimenting

  We have lots of sun right now, and everyone on the net seems to be experimenting.
 I thought I would try different types of paint and see how it goes.

Some letters would be fun to try first. For this one I used Versatex Screen Printing Ink.  A foam core board from the Dollar store, and covered it with plastic. It was OK if there were some wrinkles just added to the variation.  Sprayed some water after I pinned the fabric in the corners, and pined the stencils down.  I found that if I pressed the stencils down a bit, it bonded and made a cleaner print.

I left it out to dry with a couple of stones in the corners to keep it from the slight wind that came up in the afternoon.
To tell the truth, I forgot it, but all was fine.

Pretty clear print, has an ok hand, in other words it is not that stiff. 
Tomorrow, will try another type of paint.
Hope you are having fun this week-end.  Off to a barbeque. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Postmarkd'art Due 5-31-2014

I am not usually late with my Postmarkd'art cards. But this design has me stumped. I was going to carve the 3 of clubs. You can see the start of the project.. But my hands just could not carve on this product. With the "Carving" project I had the pink product ( Speed Ball Carve) and it carved like butter.. So I put the deck back and what did I find, but the deck of cards that the Coarsegold Historical Society put out as a fund raiser a few years ago..
 I still have 2 decks for sale at $10.00. But back to my project.

I printed the card on to white fabric and used fusible material to iron it to my hand dyed fabric.  I chose a color that looked like rusty metal, quilted with variegated thread.  This photo was donated by the Children's Museum in Oakhurst.

Round 19,  my 7 of Clubs, again a photo from the Deck of Cards from the Coarsegold Historical Museum. Maytag started producing washing machines in 1907.. See the connection.
The one in the photo is from 1915, and made of wood. If you want to see it in person, go by the museum,,, check the summer hours, as docents donate their time.

 Love this challenge, we will have a whole deck of cards soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Timberline Gallery 6-4-2014

Timberline Gallery has changed the art in the gallery and new pieces have been added. Artists are busy during the summer months with new creations and ideas.

I especially like this piece by David Caris.  " Have a Taste".  Thankfully, I brought some chips to munch today, because I am looking at this dish from the desk. Oh, so tempting.

Yes, it is all ceramic. I had to touch it and see what it felt like .. There is texture with the chips, but each one is attached to the other.

Hope you are enjoying the salsa!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Paint those Shoes!

Lots of my friends have colorful shoes.  I was looking at my dingy white tennis shoes, and thought, hummm, I could wash them to make them better, Oh, No, washing them did not work, they still looked terrible.  I don't know if they are plastic or leather. 

In looking through my paints, I guess I could use an acrylic paint, and came across a Stuart Gill set.
Yes, they are expensive paints, but how much paint do you use on shoes?
And I like the colors.. 
I dyed the shoe laces, and started to paint.  Hey, they don't have to match!

I think I should have used the blow dyer to heat them after painting to set the paint, but I sprayed clear Acrylic on them.  That should do it.  
I think many of my friends are going to be painting their shoes all colors..

By the way this trend was started at church, but they did not paint them, they bought them that way.
This is more fun.  Now, to redo the pink, purple and turquoise in my hair..Soon

Friday, May 16, 2014

Star with in A Star, Big project !

This is a big project with Timberline Gallery Artists. Starts with  4' x 4' plywood square, 3 layers of primer have been painted back and front.. I will not go into all the technical parts, other than this is the start. Measuring out all the lines for a Star with in a Star.

 Tools gathered, paint purchased, new brushes, special masking tape.

First masking done.
Can you guess the colors I am using?  Leave me a comment and guess.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wine Tasting Tour in Madera- Quady Winery.

"Brilliant Sky" will be showing this week-end on the Madera Wine Tasting Tour. 
Hope you have a chance to visit this amazing Winery, and taste a few of their delicious wines.  They also have delightful oils, and gifts made from cork.

Enjoy a week-end of touring the Central Valley and all it's gifts.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Blendoku- time wasted?

Ever heard of the game Blendoku?  I am not a numbers person, never have, never will be, so Sudoku is not my thing... but this, I can handle ,,, at least in the "Simple" stage.  Have't gone any further yet. But this is a fun App.  and it is Free, except for your time,  great during commercials on T.V.  I have it on my Kindle. Talk about an App that really keeps you going.. I set time limits. At least when I play at apps, I don't eat food. Is there some diet in this?

It has been a busy time around here.. Entries to Sierra Art Trails are due May 1... date has not changed, but it sort of sneaks up on me.. Catalogs have to be created and printed, so that is why the early entry date.Trails will be the Oct.3,4,5. There is a big project going on at Gallery Row.. will tell more about that later. Summer weeds are popping up, and generally stuff is happening.

This is like everyone else, busy.  Why is it when we retire we have more to do? What happened to sitting still and just enjoying?  That is scheduled in also!  Lots of dinners with friends, and new opportunities to learn something we might enjoy.   Have some other due dates coming up also.. Even said, no to an entry this year. Sent in my entry to SAQA for the Auction, you can see it on Pinterest..and one of my pieces is at Quady Winery in Madera for the wine trail this week-end.

   Have some more things to show,, but not at this moment.. Off to the studio!/ yard work before the heat! Enjoy your week-end..

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Checkbook cover

 I had scraps of fabric laying on my work area.  My check book cover was looking pretty
ratty.  The flannel from the other project was handy.  As long as I was doing small items,
do it and get them done!

Not thinking to make a set.   Reason, when looking in my bag, I would be pulling both out when I only needed one. So now I can focus on which is which. Yes, I know it is a different size from the Gallery Flyer Cover.

Sure that you ladies know what I mean,  I focus on color when digging through my purse.

 I looked on the net to see if there was another way to make it, dimensions etc.

There were several free examples when I Googled a fabric check book cover... It fits a bit tight, so the next time I think I will just use the check book I use and follow that for my dimensions.
Another project that I have been putting off, done!
Wow, am on a roll.
What next?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gallery Flyers Cover, for my purse.

Oh, Yes, I should be working on another project. BUT.
I have been carrying these art and gallery flyers in my purse to hand out. I kept them in an envelope. Well, you know how that goes, every thing gets rumpled.

Put two pieces of fabric with some flannel in between.

Use the cards and the envelope  for the dimensions and add some extra room.
I have tons of double bias tape. What could be easier.
Quilt the two pieces together first, and sew the bias tape to both tops.

Then fold it, again using the flyers for size, add the Bias Tape to the end, and turn under the raw edges at the end.  I added Velcro to the center and later decided I really needed it on the ends also, so it would not curl in my purse.

Peanuts makes it nice and cheery.
Easy to find in my purse.
Do you have something in your purse, that could use a cover?

Next my check book.

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