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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Quilt, Knit and Stitch... Portland, Oregon

I was just notified that my quilt Variable Toile Stars, has traveled to the Quilt, Knit and Stitch Show in Portland, Oregon

This quilt might get more miles than we did on our trip.

I really appreciate the ladies that let me and the other quilters know where their quilt is hanging.  It is fun to share.
Sorry, I don't live near there to see the show, but I am sure everyone will have a wonderful time. If you attend, drop me a line to tell all that you bought and saw.

Friday, July 31, 2015

I am back- We are back

The minute we returned home from the trip, I jumped back to work on this Timberline Project. It felt like I was on one of the little animal wheels and constantly spinning.  Although, honestly, I had my computer, I pad, kindle, and I phone with me, not to say that we didn't both have all the electronic gadgets.  It got to be funny, as the first thing we looked for in a motel/hotel room, were the wall plugs.  I love the plugs that are on the lamps. And also my I pad with Verizon to work in the car.

I wrote articles and kept in touch with the newspapers all the way across the U.S. Total mileage was about 8,600 miles. And Ralph did all the driving.. yes, we are still married.  But the last week was a bit snappish on my part. I found it was easier to Facebook from my phone so most of the trip is on that.  I really need to learn how to blog from my I pad..

Jacqueline and hubby left about a month after we did, but did not head so far East, at one point we were heading West and they were heading East, and we were about 200 miles apart.  We kept playing ideas off of each other, and what one of us did not think of the other did. So it worked out well. We got home about 2 weeks before she did, and we were off and running.

The first two exhibits went spectacularly, and we expect the same for the last one that is this Sat. August 1.  2-4.  5 Restaurants will be featured.  We have been blessed because all of the advertisers understood that this is a community project and supported this with lots of articles and photographs.  The restaurants in the first two out did them selves with the trays of food. Our music by Terry, is delightful, and people brought their chairs in and sat and listened and chatted. Patti's Japanese Floral arrangements and her explanations intrigued everyone that watched. She is planning to give some classes at the gallery in the future.

As I mentioned before the last gathering for "Celebration of Tasteful Art at Timberline" is this Sat. August 1,  2-4. If you have not been by, do come.  Terry will be playing his musical instruments again, and I am sure these 5 restaurants will bring delicious goodies and we do have a dessert table.  The art for this exhibition will be up through Sunday.  Several of the pieces have been sold, but will be there till the end of the Show..

We look forward to seeing you... 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

More Texas, Lakeway, Corpus Christi

I just noticed that I forgot to take photos in Fredricksburg.. Darn.. oh. well, it is a lovely town with lots of shops. It did not get damaged by the floods. One Art Town in Texas was swept away... very sad.
A lady at an art gallery, told us that Fredricksburg is working together to make it a Tourist city to visit, they want to be number 1 in Texas..  There is an amazing war History Museum  that is well worth the visit, about the back ground of the wars with beautiful  memorials. Bought a little gift at the gallery.

Arrived in Lakeway, Tx.  Did not ask if we could post Gavin's photo on my blog, so you just get this photo of Great Grandpa and Gavin. He is about 2 months old. Beautiful little boy with lots of hair.  Ralph is so good with babies!

 It is a beautiful area, of rolling hills, the lake I showed above, is walking distance. Lots of stores close, and the perfect place to start with a new house, and friendly neighborhood.  The humidity would probably get to a Californian. They have repainted and put in a new wood floor, everything looks beautiful. 
We dropped off the antique chair from our house, and boxes with books on gardening, house decorating and french recipes, along with some french books that I had from my teens.. But then the language does not change.much and Jade loves anything French. Also, missed seeing a blog P.E.O  friend, always tough to connect when we don't know distance and plans.. Have to stay kind of loose.

We had planned to visit the Texas Quilt Museum in Le Grange Texas, but it was closed the days that we were near..  Off to see more Italian Cousins.
Larry and Barbara are planning to leave the end of the week for a cruise to Alaska.. but opened their home to spend the night.. Again chatting most of the time about family.
On the way to their place we did have to turn around once because of a road wash out.. Big spout shooting in the air where the road would be, we turned around and were directed to another road that was open. Seeing lots of goats, white cows, and small ranches.. Near Austin.

Then off again, driving south to Corpus Christi, to see Ralph's other Aunt Lee and her son Orey Jr.. Finally had a meal at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  Very good Pork Chop.   Again lots of cars, rushing back and forth, this city is divided down the middle with a freeway. Sunny still, yeah..

Back on the freeways to Houston.. Next, Aunt  and cousins in Louisiana.

still in Texas

Tough to take photos with a messed up windshield that we could not clean.. Found out at Larry and Barbara's cousins of Ralph that W d 40 is amazing, but that is a bit later. A little Vinegar after and clean as new.  That is my tip for the day.
Big fluffy clouds, but not dangerous.. thankfully.. no road wash out yet.

So much open land, but not welcoming land. There is very little top soil in much of what we see. Only good for cattle and wild things. 

Wow, does this look inviting, so much good looking food.

Even the perfect snack for Italians... Salami, and cantaloupe, or hard boiled eggs.  Could be really healthy here.. just did not show, the fried chicken, hot dogs, and the rest of the food.
still traveling a lot of open country.
As we traveled further,, there was a terrible accident that had us held up for over an hour on the highway. No choices of by ways here.


Beautiful Blue skies... Looks like we are traveling behind the storms.. bringing Ca. sun to Texas.

We are not American, if we don't stop at Walmart.  Some road construction sprayed black top on the windshield..

Eating healthy,  Pizza Hut.  Ralph's eyes are always bigger than mine.
Tomorrow Salad!
Lots of road to Jade's, baby Gavin and Warren.
Have the Texas road conditions on my phone and all is clear!

New Mexico

New Mexico

Talk about open land and lots of rocks!

Cochise and Geronimo Country

Can not help thinking about the settlers that came across this country.  Would I have been so brave?. I think not.  Thankful for air conditioning and an 80 mile an hour speed limit.
Everything just sort of whizzes by.. Look at the strength of that tree, clinging to that rock. So amazing.
Wish we had the time/ energy to take out my drawing tablet.

Catching up

Lovely Hotel in Sedona, Sky Ranch.  This is the hotel we stayed at 25 years ago.  So lots of great memories. Had dinner at the Airport, walking distance.. I think if you want a wild ride take off from here. The airport is on a plateau. New building for the restaurant, and delicious food.. Of, course in Sedona one must mention the view!
The view from the hotel area.. Beautiful, expansive.

Some people grumble about Facebook, but it has been a real benefit for us. 
One of my Point Bonita friends emailed and we met for Breakfast in Cottonwood. Lots of fun having unplanned adventures.  It was great to see her.

Will be seeing Leigh at Point B in August for a week of quilting.. Yeah. Next time Leigh, will visit your beautiful store in Jerome!
Onward to Phoenix,
and my cousin, who also saw our trip on Facebook, "hey, some stay here", and we did. 

They have a beautiful home in Phoenix, and we tried to catch up on family trees.   That got a bit confusing with so many generations to figure out, will be writing it all out.  We hope to stop by there again some time.. So very welcoming..    Thank you Roger and Susan!

Sorry had to back track a bit with some more Sedona photos, and I had Facebooked the Quilt store. Wish the photos from my Phone camera would also go to my PC, but they don't so there will be some cross over.  
From the Scottsdale/ Phoenix area we headed South some more, keeping an eye on all the storms in Texas. 
Think I will post now, chat again later.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Traveling Where?

Now I call this a great welcome for the first night on the road.  Needles, Ca. sunny and hot on the way. We are keeping track of the news from Texas because of all the rains and tornadoes striking that area. Scary.
We are blessed to have family staying at our house and caring for our animals and watering our plants.
We are surprised to hear from our friends through Facebook, this is great fun. We heard from one of my cousins in Scottsdale, and going to spend tomorrow evening with them.  A friend emailed and we are meeting her in Cottonwood tomorrow morning, before we do a little more walking around Sedona.
Speaking of Sedona, what a shock, the city has spread out, there are 11 traffic circles to drive around, lots of traffic, but we expected the traffic, but not the size..  We did not make arrangements before, but drove to the hotel we stayed at 25 years ago.  Sky Ranch Hotel, and they had a room. Walking distance to the airport, which is atop a mesa.  And we need to walk. 
If you fly in, you can only make one mistake, and then over the side..  There is a new restaurant at the airport with a fantastic view.  We had a dinner of pulled pork.. Ralph and I decided that we would split our dinners. and so far that is working out fine.. No left overs to worry about, and hope we come home weighing less.
 On the way here,we had a lovely visit at a town called Ashfork..  we saw a sign  Museum, and it is on Route 66. 
Ralph is the one in the tan hat, playing poker with 3 dummy's.  Delightful ladies told us about the area, and how their families came to the town.  Ashfork is also the Slate capitol, mining slate from the local mountains. 
This Dr.'s buggy is like the one at the Coarsegold Hist. Museum.

As we left there we could see snow on the top of a mountain called Humphrey's Peak. over 12,000ft.
We are about 6,000 ft. elevation  in this area driving towards Flagstaff.
 Then onward to Williams, there was a Dairy Queen there years ago when we drove through and Ralph has his heart set on Ice Cream.  Wow, that area has changed and we could not find the Dairy Queen.,, will show photos we took there, next time.
More tomorrow, need to plug my computer in.
I usually re- read my blogs, before I post it, but with this trip, I will probably post right away, so please excuse any typo's..

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Exhibition coming up, July and August.

"Celebration of Tasteful Art at Timberline Gallery", 

I know it is a long name, but.... I have not been blogging because, should I say it?  Too much on my plate, ugh. Here is a taste of starting my piece.

As with somethings in life, one has several ideas, so I made two pieces. One for the wall and one for the table.
In addition for planning a trip, packing, cleaning house, yard and then Timberline Gallery is in for lots of changes. Come by the end of next week.
We are having new carpeting installed, and we expanded with additional space and the addition of artists. Are you an artist that would like to be in a gallery, come check us out.

Very exciting!
Not the carpeting installation part, but thankfully, several of the artists are very system oriented, and we will be moving all the art, off the walls etc, into an adjoining space, and the workmen will put down the carpet. Then additional cleaning and rehanging.  Long time in need and it will be beautiful.

When I read over this, I realize this is why I have not painted my walls, to much time out of the studio.. It is a good excuse, but.

In the mean time I pulled those wonderful weeds in the nice rained on soil and now have a sciatic nerve issue in my leg.. I walk like an old lady, no, I am an OLDER lady, not old.

Hope this goes away soon, nice Dr. said it could take months, Chiro, and massage person, helpful but... no promises.
Hippity Hop onward! Surprises to come. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

New hair style

My hubby wanted more color.. I like the pastel myself. But now I worry about what Ralph's 90+ year old Aunts will think when we travel to see 6 of them in the coming months. I can't do the braiding myself, wonder if I or Jennie ( Magic Shears- Oakhurst) can teach hubby to braid my hair.. would be cooler for the trip!

It has been a busy couple of months.  This week-end, whoops it is the week-end, Tonight is the reception of Yosemite Western Artists at Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst, 4-6. Do stop in and enjoy. I think this is our biggest year for entries.  Meet the artists, and hear all about the art that you like, and yes, there are some munchies. .. There are big changes happening at Timberline Gallery.  Watch for them.

Then Entries are due for Sierra Art Trails( first week-end in Oct.)  Have to jury in every year. Only missed two in 15 years, out of town at that time.
there is going to be an interesting Exhibition in July at Timberline.

"Celebration of Tasteful Art at Timberline Gallery",
July 18,25th and August 1.
No, Pre - photos at this time..

This will include 17 of our local restaurants and 17 artists at Timberline Gallery.

Watch for more information keep those dates open 2-4  Artist, weaver Jacqueline Kurtt and I have been busy, and I do mean busy with the plans and enjoying contacting every one for this project. There is still more to do before we leave on vacation.

Sorry to miss the entry for SAQA 12"x 12" , so you know I am a bit frustrated that I can not do it all.
Bet that sounds familiar.
I see so much on the net and wonder how these ladies get all the projects done, guess it is organization. Oh, yes, and I have read those articles also...

Long time ago I showed some photos of my studio, I was so happy with all the flat places I had to work on.  Well, anything that is horizontal and clear does not stay that way for long. I keep collecting items that I want to sun dye, and the pile gets higher and higher..

Off to hem my hubby's jeans, you say that is not creative, hummm, would be if I added patterned fabric to the end..  NO!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Variable Toile Stars Showing At:

My quilt, Variable Toile Stars is on the road again.  This time showing at the Quilt, Knit, Stitch, Show in Portland Oregon, August 13-15.   So if you are in the area, please visit.

This exhibition of  quilts is from the book 500 Traditional Quilts, by Lark Books. It is always exciting to have a quilt featured in a book.

I feel so blessed to have a quilt chosen for the book and now to have it traveling where more quilters will be able to view it.   The photos are amazing, quilts are beautiful  and inspiring, with the variety of fabrics, and techniques.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spots on my Sweat Shirt!

I was nice and cozy warm in my turquoise sweat shirt. Then the spaghetti I was eating chose to jump on the front in nice red blotches. Off to the washing machine with this and a few more dark garments.

Did it wash out as I would have wished... NO!. So all I could do was to dye it.. I did my usual ice dyeing and had a vision in mind.. But then I pushed the release button too often on the Washer and the the washer said, "enough", and stopped working. So for many days the jacket sat in the dyes...and when the washer was finally working, and Vivian was reminded on how to push the safety button  with out jamming it, I plunged the jacket into the wash.  Not, what I really wanted or had in mind for the end result.

A little stencil work was in order.  I used fabric paint, and a stencil I picked up at Joanne's. I must say they make the plastic so thin, I wonder if the  stencil will last through a few applications. I used a silvery paint so it would show against the variety in the back ground.  Now,  what else can I try on the sweat shirt, and should I tell you that I got a little bit of paint in the wrong spot. I tried some dark paint over that, some how that did not work either. hummm now what.

You really can't see it too well, but I glued beads on some of the areas in the design.. Will they wash off? That remains to be seen.. according to the glue, it should last. And that paint that was not supposed to be where it went, it got a dark bead glued over it.. Not showing that goof!  Maybe you will see it if you catch me wearing the sweat shirt.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Towers of Tuscany- book suggestion

In this world of Computers, it sometimes can get very frustrating. So stepping away and reading a book sometimes brings us down to earth or takes us away from earth.  This book might have been a freebee or not expensive on Kindle.

It is about a female artist in Italy, in the a time when women painters were not accepted.  A woman was told by the husband what to do and just run the household. Along with the who to marry and have lots of sons. Thankfully, those traditions are not today in our country.

It also reminded me of the poisons in so many of the paints, and it tells how they were mixed and how they had assistants that just ground the paints.  It is well written, although I was hoping for a happy ending and instead got a surprise ending.  I am not one to read the end first and so enjoy the build up.

All through this book I kept feeling so very blessed that we live in the U.S.A., that we are free to paint and do just what we want, to enjoy seeing a variety of styles, to know that the paints we work with are tested for safety.

 Reading this book also made me think that there are women in other countries that still have issues with signing a female name to art work and others that live under male domination.  Just a little food for thought and lots of gratitude.
Off to the studio.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fabric give away,. Grocery Bags!

Sorry for the delay,, Valentines, came and went, but I have not forgotten. Happy Valentines to the winners of the packets of horse fabric. Love to see what you make out of the fabric or just enjoy petting the horses.   Maureen Egan, Martha Ginn, and Barbara Cooper. 

Now to show you the other bags I made, this project is similar to pop corn, I needed to make one more and then another idea happened, and......
Appliqued the letters of our Quilt Guild and some chili peppers.  Great way to use fun fabric. Now you know that everyone in the store will wonder what SMQA is.. wonderful advertising for the quilt guild and the up coming Quilt show, in June, and an opportunity to sell Tickets for the Quilt.
A friend gave me some French fabric years ago, and I could not decide which part of the fabric to use, so this is two sided.
Each bag was made a bit differently, as the fabric sort of demanded it. Some have straps on the outside, and yes, I did line each one..  I had a great time making shopping bags. There are a ton of directions on the net, but am not patient enough to figure them out. So of course, it took me a bit longer to visualize how I wanted to make these... But so much fun, and now I am ready with lots of bags on hand! Share what you are going to use for Shopping Bags. The SMQA Shopping Bag Challenge is due at the Ice Cream Social in July! Get it made before the quilt show, and you can just relax afterward and enjoy sharing in July.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Graffiti Cauliflower Post Card, Postmarkd'art

You might remember I enjoy making fabric postcards and have been with the Postmarkd'art on line group for a long time. It is challenging to make a postcard for a theme.  We vote and pick many ideas, and then each person decides how many Themes they want to make.  There is a deadline, of course.
The greatest gift has been the wonderful ladies I have met from all over the world. The postcards have been amazing. It is a wonderful way to try new products, and of course, the sharing of ideas is one of the many benefits.
This theme, I choose Vegetables. And thought, what will I do for this Theme.

 My hubby and I were at a fruit and veggie market, and saw this wonderful gathering of Cauliflower. Some were the white, but what attracted me, were the purple and the orange, called Graffiti. And then there are the Broccoli crossed with the Cauliflower. It looks like a strange pointy green  outer space sort of veggie.
I photographed, transferred the photos to fabric, added other fabrics, and now have them addressed to go out in to the world.. Because several are going to the UK, and I put a little metal leaf on them, I am putting a clear plastic sleeve on them.

Hope the gals enjoy them.  

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