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Monday, September 29, 2014

500 Traditional Quilts Book

Just arrived!  Yeah.

 I know this is not the greatest photo, because I just had to show that it is really in a Book.

I have just had a moment to glance in the book. I am overwhelmed  that my quilt was picked to be part of this collection.
As I look at the amazing quilts that were entered and are shown so spectacularly,  I am humbled.

This is exciting.  Check out Amazon, perhaps you can buy it there.

Now all I need is a cup of Tea, and rainy day, and a cozy quilt, and this book, to drool at all these beautiful pages of quilts. Many of the quilts are traveling, so you might see it at the Houston Quilt Show coming up soon.

Thank you Karey Patterson Bresenhan for the opportunity to have my quilt shown in this book and thank you Lark Books/ Sterling Books for publishing Quilt Books.
Thank you David Hoffman for being the photographer of my quilts!

Thank you all my friends for supporting me and my obsession, and yours Quilting!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Preparation for Sierra Art Trails 2014

Watch for the Orange signs with arrows and check out your catalog for more details.

Laying out some of my goodies, fabric bowls, framed items, silk scarves, and book covers
and lots more.

Judy- #29,  will be showing her beautiful Pastel Art.
We are behind the gate, and up the drive to the old Barn, then follow the short path to the School House.  Great Parking, easy side walk.
Bring your lunch and sit under the beautiful Oaks and visit a bit of the old West by seeing what is at the museum. Ever seen a wooden washing machine?
We are in the Green School house, look forward to seeing all our friends and making new friends!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sierra Art Trails, Oct. 3,4,5,-10AM -6PM

This is an exciting time of the year, and a busy one for the artists. Weather looks like it will be wonderful, just perfect for exploring the Mountain area and the towns of Coarsegold, Oakhurst, Mariposa, and North Fork areas. Don't forget to purchase your catalog only $18.00 for 2 people, and it is a keepsake for years to come. Maybe ask the artist to sign your book. I asked visitors one year to sign my T. Shirt!

Many artists including Judy Andes #29 and myself #28 are on Highway 41. We are near the Chuckchansi Casino Turn off, in the school house at the Coarsegold Historic Museum.  Watch for the signs.

"Reflections" is on display at the Stellar Gallery in Oakhurst,  although I will have many pieces of art at our Museum location.  Fiber Art, Scarves, Jewelry, and Mixed Media pieces are also available. 

Judy will be showing her marvelous Pastel Art, capturing the beauty of local destinations and her love of nature.

"Who Me" is a piece expressing my love of the Garden. Is this something you would enjoy making? I give several classes during the year. Would you like to participate in fabric dyeing?  There will be an interest list for future classes.
Check out the catalog with all the pertinent information. Above is the ad for Gallery Yosemite and Timberline Gallery. All this in Gallery Row.. don't get lost there, this art is up now, come check it out and find the artists you want to visit, set your Trail and enjoy a week-end in the mountains. Laughter, and getting to know the artists in person makes for a wonderful experience.

Have you seen the Art Quilt Mural on the back side of Timberline Gallery?
70 ft X by 2 stories high.. Each piece is 4'x4' in size.  I painted the Star within a Star, of course, fiber artist. The idea came from the Barn Quilt Art. However ours is unique, we have artists showing their paintings, and a variety of art mediums.  Would you like Barn Art on your home, in your garden, or on your Barn or Tuff Shed... ?

When you enter Timberline there is so much art to see.  Each artist from Sierra Art Trails and so much more from our local artists.  I will have many pieces on display, along with my jewelry.

AND Jacqueline Kurtt and I have a display in the Solo Room. Jacqueline is known for her weaving's, and we will have some surprise art in there also.

Spend a memorable and enjoyable week-end in the mountains near Yosemite National Park. Check out Sierra Art Trails, Timberline Gallery, Yosemite Western Arts and Gallery Yosemite on your computer for more information of our artists.   Any questions, contact me at vivianhelena@sti.net.
Don't forget many of us are open on Friday,, start early. Stop in and say hello, there will also be docents to show you the museum if you wish.   See you soon..

Friday, September 19, 2014

Postmarkd'art- 6 of Diamonds.

  In the past I have posted several of my postcards. This time I chose to paint, stencil, stamp and letter, for the 6 of Diamonds.

For several challenges Postmarkd'art members have participated in a Deck of Cards.The process  on these cards are a bit different from what I have done in the past.  There are many companies now specializing in stencils. Most are for paper, but you can use them on fabric also.

Writing from a photo is easier for me.  Others write from their inspiration and then add the photo. Guess that makes me a visual person. Onward.

First I drew out the stencil on plastic and cut the openings. That took some thought so the whole thing did not fall apart.

Then decided I really did need more paint on the cards to pop the "Diamond" out.
Here is how they all turned out..  with little more paint on the diamonds.

I know it would be a little hard to play a card game with these,  but they sure are fun to make and share.

For this # 20th. session all of my cards are complete.  Now, I just wait for the surprises in the mail.

Last session I was running a bit late, and just made it under the wire.We really stick to the due dates.

I have been a member since 2006. This is an  opportunity to meet wonderful ladies all around the world. To share in experiences with fiber art, to challenge each other, to watch us grow in sharing, not just the cards, but our lives, challenges, and our love of fiber and art.

Thank you all for being my friends, I thought about not continuing, as I have been doing this for many years, but have decided, you are a part of my family. You challenge me, and sometimes save me when I need artistic and product assistance.

So I am game for the next challenge. Besides I have to finish the deck of cards.
Looking forward to all the cards flowing in...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SAQA Auction - Mystery Mountain

"Mystery Mountain "  12 inch x 12 inch.. Donation piece for SAQA 2014.
On line Auction has started, go to SAQA site, scroll down and you will see my fiber art piece and many more.  All the funds go to supporting Exhibitions of Fiber art at a variety of venues in the U.S.A. and International.. Watch for showings near you. 
If you are a Fiber Artist, look into becoming a member. 
Studio Artists Quilt Association.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fire in Oakhurst - August 2014

I have not written on my blog for awhile, busy getting things completed and ready for Sierra Art Trails Oct. 3,4,5,  But more about that in another blog.

Fires are scary.  And when this fire broke out so near to downtown Oakhurst it was at the top of the list of scary.. I don't know any other word to use.
We live on the other side of Deadwood, below a 3,000 ft. pass to enter the city from the south on Highway 41.

This fire swept toward the north and they had to evacuate the whole town and those living around it.
The fire rushed through all the dry brush and brittle trees. This has been a very hot summer for this area of Calif. and the lack of water has affected everyone.

The word went out to evacuate, and 6 artists from Timberline Gallery rushed to the gallery and loaded all the art into their cars.  I think Jacqueline our weaver stopped a moment to hose down the out side where we had just put up the Art Quilt Mural on the north side of the building.

The firefighters were surprised to see her exiting the area.  But someone stayed behind to take this photo,  I don't know who it was, so that I could give them credit for the photo.

As the fire rushed past Timberline, about 2 city blocks above, the fire jumped highway 41, and leaped over houses and the valley, to the mountain across from it.
Several businesses, and homes were lost, but when you see what could have happened, the town is very lucky.
We were blessed to have marvelous fire fighters from many stations drive up and help with the fire fighting. If it were not for the planes and helicopters dropping fire retardant and water, we would not have the town of Oakhurst.

The artists returned on Wed. morning replaced all the art work and we were up and running by 11 AM.
Thank you to all the art angels at Timberline for saving the day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall from Pride-Amazon purchased for my Kindle

Product Details 
You have all heard about the Art Quilt Mural in Oakhurst on previous blogs.

Well, along those lines a book was suggested to me and I purchased it for my Kindle.
Author Karen Harper.

I enjoyed the light reading about the Amish, their traditions, their barns, and about the heroine, Sarah.
This is a novel.   It had just enough mystery and combined with the heart break of falling in love, between the heroin and the hero.. of course.

What I did not know until I read the Author's note and the last page is that it is a
Harlequin Book!  I have never read one in my whole life!
And I had always poo pooed them. But not now.

Of course, this is a series.. another draw, but thankful to my Kindle, books are not cluttering my already cluttered bookshelves, and less expensive.  There is also a web site with the receipe for the Moon Pies, that they keep mentioning in the book, sometimes called preaching pies.

The tie in of course at this time, is that the Barn Trails are growing.  Have you been on one?  I am sorry we did not know more about this on our trip to Florida last year, well, maybe we would still be on that trip traveling from one state to another in search of barns.....

As I said this is light easy reading, something I usually need to fall asleep, after a creative day.

Friday, August 8, 2014

King of Diamonds- Postmarkd'art

A little about how I did achieved this postcard.  And I am sure many of you have a better way of doing it, but this was my thought process.

I took the crown and a drawing of the diamond from the net.
Printed it on Watercolor paper that already had a color wash, to achieve a light background color
and hand painted the crown with watercolor paints.

Then I printed the whole sheet of 4 on paper and fabric, also printed some on ExtravOrganza.

I needed 8 images for the postcards. I used Misty Fuse on the sheets, then cut out each section and ironed them on the quilted hand dyed and commercial fabrics. By the way the Misty Fuse does not show through the Organza. 

And here is the King of Diamonds.
As I said there probably is a easier way all with the computer, but this was my way of sorting it out.
Make it a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Postmarkd'art- Sun prints, fun!

Sun Prints are great fun, not expensive to do with many of the types of paints.
The bird was done by painting on fabric with yellow fabric paint, setting a stencil on the fabric and putting it out in the sun..  Of course, pinned to plastic that is on foam core with tape and pins.
Let it all dry, I did iron the fabric and put Misty Fuse under it, but did not wash or rinse, because it is paint, although since it is fabric paint, it should not affect it. 

I cut out the bird and with ironed it onto my hand dyed fabric.

 Same procedure with each card.
 Just different hand dyes for the back ground.

  I have a baggie full of various types of fabric letters from stencils I have purchases,
and Sun Printed.
Never know when you need some lettering.

Here is the whole collection of cards..I did add some gold stars on them also.
 In the mail now for the exchange.
I do have a couple extra in case someone wants to buy one.. Contact me and I will email photos of which ones I have available.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sun Prints- testing.

 It is that sunny time of year... so everyone is Sun Printing.
Easy to do, and fun.. I decided to see what would happen if I painted over my
hand dyed fabric.
Stopping by Joanne's, I purchased several colors Tulip Fabric Paint. I used Tulip Matt Soft Ebony and Tulip Soft Matte Chocolate for this project.

Pinned it to a covered with plastic, foam core board that I split in 1/2 from the Dollar Store.

I loosely mixed the black and brown so that both colors would show a bit on their own and left some areas heavier with paint. I did wet the fabric first, it is PDF fabric.  Pinned on the leaves so they lay flat, and put it in the sun.  It is best when the sun is straight over head, but I was not being that fussy. Wait for it to dry.  I vacuumed in the mean time.  Oh, and I put some feathers on there that I found when I went to feed the llamas today.  
Have no idea what I will do with it.. but it was fun playing.. and yes, 
I should have been doing something else in the studio that has a due date.. But you know how it is when an idea pops. You just have to do it now.

Sadly, fires are burning near Yosemite, and it is hot, supposed to be 104, and very smoky all over the area. Saying prayers for the firemen and the beauty of the mountains.    This is a stay inside day,  and I am going into the studio.. I have another idea, when I get my postcards done!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Nancy Rink, had 17 Quilts Stolen, reward for finding them.


My friend has posted all the quilts on her blog, please see Kay's   Blog for all the information.  Let's keep an eye out for Nancy's quilts and  pray that they are returned in beautiful condition . 

This is very sad and scary that someone could do such a terrible deed.

There is a reward for the return of all the quilts.
Please share this. 

Sorenson Gallery- Yosemite Western Artists

Yosemite Western Artists had a showing at the Chris Sorenson Gallery in Fresno.  It closed yesterday, and it was well visited during our heat spell.  I was not sure what I was going to do, and decided to keep my series going on the Day of the Dead.   But first I opened my cupboards to see what ideas might come. Sometimes, playing with fabrics brings ideas, and they flow from there.

Boxes open, fabric tossed, sewing and laying out the piece.
This is a bit similar to a piece I made for our Yoyo circle Challenge.

Not quite complete , borders not on yet, finish quilting, and beading.

Completed with beading and skulls.

Sorry, I did not get this out sooner.  I am sure you noticed that I was up to my ears with the
Mural..  More about that later!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

500 Traditional Quilts Book- "Variable Toile Stars"

It is always exciting to have a quilt recognized and to receive notification that a quilt will be honored in a book. It seems like eons ago, that  "Variable Toile Stars" was accepted to Lark's new book 500 Traditional Quilts. Debut in Sept.

The blocks were started at Point Bonita Quilt Retreat with a group of ladies headed by Barbara Brackman. Barbara is a known author of many books on the history of quilt blocks and quilts.
Check out her books on Amazon.

Each year we would return home to make a quilt from a theme fabric or a particular design and bring it the following year for show and tell.

I worked on my design wall, trying to figure out just how I would set them.. If you will notice each block is the same, it just depends on the way you set the colors.  This was also a study in lights and darks, in other words values, not just color.

Shirley Greenhoe did the beautiful quilting on her longarm.quilting machine. This was much to large for me to handle. Photography done by our local  photographic artist: David Hoffman

In this close up, you can see the variety of toile fabrics that was used for each block.
There is even a fabric design showing a group of ladies sitting around a quilting frame, lower right hand corner of the block.

Yesterday, I was notified that the quilts are going to be shown at Houston's International Quilt Festival this fall. It is the Ruby Jubilee, ( for those of you that don't quilt, this is one of the largest quilt shows in the U.S.A. more than 60,000 quilters gather), later the Texas Quilt Museum in Central Texas, also plans for Festival in Chicago 2015 and several other venues.

I am sure the 500 Traditional Quilts book will be available at all the venues, and later from Amazon.

Wow, this quilt is going to do more traveling then I have lately.

I feel honored to share this quilt with such a large audience.  My thanks go to all the people it takes to put a book together, the hours they worked and for the gift of sharing.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Over board with projects. Experiment

 This is my calm down flower moment.

There has been so very much going on that I am over the top with my brain running in circles.
Trying to get ideas for Timberline Gallery's Art Quilt Mural, contacts about advertising, emailing Kelly-Moore paint,  please see their Facebook and scroll down.. They are so kind to post our project on their Facebook.

And then my hubby drove me to a NCQC ( Northern Calif. Quilt Council)meeting yesterday, 3.5 hours away. In case you are not familiar, they are a speakers bureau for Quilt Guilds.  I have a great power point, and trunk show to schedule with guilds.  We did have fun there and saw some friends, connected with others and left my flyers.

We made the rest of the fun day, by stopping at Pea Soup Andersen's, and I must say by the time we got home at 5 PM a nap was in order and we are not nappers, but it was a long day.

Leaving at 5:30 in the AM.  is not great fun, but less traffic. So there is a plus.

I bought an Ipad for the Power Point, so much to learn before the end of Aug and my presentation and Trunk show at Madera Quilt Guild.. looking forward to that.

If any of you ladies work with the IPad, I am open to suggestions and would love to hear from you!

I am experimenting with the Photo Booth app on the IPad.

This is the Kaleidoscope design of the top photo of flowers. Wouldn't that make great printed fabric.
I went a bit crazy after that and walked around the garden before it got too hot.

Lunch break and then to the studio..  A little cooler today. Hope you are having a great creative Day!!!  Comments and ideas are appreciated!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Art Quilt Block Mural

 This turned out to be a bigger project than anticipated.. Each painting is on a 4'x4' board.  This building is 70 long and 2 stories high.

Photo of Jacqueline and Michael hanging the pieces.. carefully.  I thought when it was complete, so would my "job".  But now we have all sorts of ideas, and people are wanting posters and cards.
So each day is bringing lots of surprises, distractions and a learning process.  I am not getting to my studio as much as I would like..

It is such fun to see peoples faces when they see it.. Many are stopping and taking photos to share with friends. If you are up this way, please stop in and say hi and let us know how you like it.

We are hoping that it catches on in the town and we have other businesses that would like art on the outside of their building, home, barn, Tuff shed or gate.. Lets have art beautify with nature.

This is on the North side of Timberline Gallery, Hwy 41, Oakhurst Calif. Gallery Row.  Be sure to stop in and say HI.
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